When Sam Heineman and Darin Whitmer thought about starting a real estate brokerage, they turned to their own experiences to determine how they should run their business.

“We tried to think about it from our own experiences of buying and selling our residences,” Heineman said. “What would we like and what would we benefit from? And what we kind of came to was low commissions and the buyer rebates.”

For Whitmer, his own experience shopping for homes in the Omaha area led him to a similar conclusion.

“I lived in Omaha for about six years and I saw out there the real estate market is really competitive where they were offering the buyer rebates,” he said. “My wife and I were out shopping for homes before we moved back, and we kind of got used to the whole buyer rebate idea, but we had never seen it in Fremont and were never able to utilize it.”

After bringing their unique business plan to the Fremont real estate market by way of opening their firm Dodge County Realty Group at 750 N. Clarmar Avenue last February, the pair have found success by sticking to their low commission and buyer rebate model of buying and selling homes and other real estate throughout Fremont and the surrounding area.

That model, according to Heineman, is exceedingly client focused.

“Technological advances in the real estate industry over the past 20 years and have allowed the home buying and selling process to become much more efficient,” he said. “At Dodge County Realty Group, we pass along the associated cost savings to our clients through our low 4 percent listing commission rate and our $500 buyer rebate program.”

According to Heineman, qualifying for the brokerage’s 4 percent commission rate and $500 buyer rebate program involves two factors.

“If we represent the buyers and help them buy the home, and they buy a house that is listed on the MLS, they qualify,” he said.

Dodge County Realty Group focuses on residential, commercial and agricultural properties and provides services to sellers, buyers, and even provides an online Fremont housing list on its website.

While the company provides a variety of real estate services, its focus is residential homes in-and-around Fremont, according to Whitmer.

“Residential would be the primary focus for the whole firm, but Sam is going to focus more on the commercial, and I have a background in agriculture,” Whitmer said. “In Fremont, it’s kind of important to touch a little bit of everything.”

Whitmer is Dodge County Realty Group’s managing broker and oversees the firm’s day-to-day operations.

“In addition to having a deep understanding of the Fremont market after being born and raised here, Darin has developed extensive contract and real estate expertise throughout his years practicing law,” Heineman said. “While our clients benefit from Darin’s legal insights and guidance, they will also benefit from Darin’s personable, honest, and full-disclosure approach to the buying and selling process.”

Heineman and Whitmer both grew up in Fremont and attended Fremont High School before attending college in the area. Heineman received his undergraduate and graduate degree at Midland University, and Whitmer received his undergraduate at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln before attending Creighton Law School.

Along with Heineman and Whitmer, the brokerage also features agent Brian Kieborz who came to Dodge County Realty Group with over 15 years of sales, customer service and management experience.

Kieborz has lived in Fremont for nearly 12 years after obtaining a degree from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. He met his wife Chelsi after moving to Fremont and the couple has an eight-year-old son named Lawson.

Dodge County Realty Group provides a variety of services through its website including its exclusive Fremont Real Estate Search function which features over 140 property listings in Fremont and many more in surrounding areas like Arlington, North Bend, Dodge and Valley.

Dodge County Realty Group’s offices are located at 750 N. Clarmar Avenue. For more information about the firm’s service people are encouraged to contact Dodge County Realty Group by phone at 402-719-9269 or visit dodgecountyrealtygroup.com.

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