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Area auctioneer Scott Jarman was recently honored for his skills in the auction arena as he won the Jon Moravec Memorial Ringman Award at the 2018 Nebraska Auctioneer’s Association Auctioneer State Championship on July 28.

Along with taking home the Jon Moravec Memorial Ringman Award, Jarman also took home second place, or Reserve Champion, in the Auctioneer Competition.

“I’ve been going to the championships for three or four years now and I’ve always finished in the top ten, but this is the first year I was able to win which is a great feeling,” Jarman said.

This year’s championship competition, crowning both the top auctioneer and ringman, was held in conjunction with a live auction hosted by the Bergman Family and Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc.

According to Jarman, holding the championship competition during a live auction provided an interesting atmosphere compared to years past.

“Bless the family for allowing it to be held during their two day antique auction,” he said. “Some competitions you sell to a large crowd of your peers, which is hard in its own right, but this was a really neat format. It was really transparent, everybody sold to the same crowd of people and got different actual antique items to sell.”

During both the auctioneer and ringman competitions, competitors sold three live auction items and then were interviewed by a board of judges. Judges then picked ten finalists, and the finalists sold three more live auction items.

While it’s easy to tell what an auctioneer does, Jarman helped explain just exactly what it is a ringman does in the auction process.

“The ringman is the one who is catching the bids from the audience and relaying that to the auctioneer,” he said. “He’s actually really important to the auction company becasue he is the one that talks to the customers while the auction is going on and he entices those people to bid.

A good ringman can be worth a lot of money, they really get the crowd going.”

The Ringman competitors were judged on presentation, enthusiasm, audience observation, and communication with the auctioneer.

In the auctioneer competition, Jarman lost out to Neil Bouray who will now represent Nebraska in the 2019 International Auctioneers Championship at the National Auctioneers Association Convention & Show.

While Bouray will officially represent the state at the International Auctioneer Championship, Jarman can also compete and says he hopes to be able to make it down to the contest which is being held in New Orleans this year.

“I’m hoping I can get down there for that, if only just to see some of the history there in New Orleans,” he said.

Jarman, who resides in Cedar Bluffs, has been involved in the auctioneering business professionally for over 15 years, but his love for auctions started long before that.

“When I was a kid I attended auctions weekly with my grandpa and he would always explain to me where something came from, where it was built, so I developed that appreciation for it, and that still resides in me now,” he said. “I still love going to auctions now and before it starts I’ll sit down and converse with people and listen to stories. I live for it.”

Jarman recently started his own auction business, Jarman Auctioneers, and also works as an auctioneer for The Auction Mill in Omaha as well as contracting out his services to other auction businesses.

“I contract with area auction companies and even go out-of-state and have done auctions in Missouri and Kansas,” he said.

Through his new business, he provides a variety of auction services to clients.

“We do all kinds of auctions: antiques, collectibles, large equipment, estates, motor vehicles, farm equipment, etc,” he said.

For more information about Jarman Auctioneers, or those inquiring about Jarman’s services, people are encouraged to call 402-906-0264.

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