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Whether you are looking to build a dream home with high ceilings and exposed timber trusses, or just looking for a quality made post and beam garden shed, Legacy Post & Beam can manufacture it.

“We do anything from wedding barns to houses, cabins, hobby barns all the way down to garden sheds,” Tim Norris, chief operating officer at the post and beam kit manufacturing company, said.

After operating in Elk Point, South Dakota for the past five years, Legacy Post & Beam recently moved its headquarters and manufacturing operations to Fremont.

The company’s new 13,000-square-foot manufacturing facility and headquarters, which sits on the north side of Morningside road to the west of Fremont Contract Carriers and Eagle Distributing Company, has already been churning out custom post and beam kits over the past several weeks.

“The first one (kit) we built here was already shipped to Texas, and we are currently working on a house that we will be sending to Indiana,” General Manager Brian Wiese said in a Friday interview with the Tribune. “We also have one going to North Carolina and we have orders in California and Washington.”

Legacy Post & Beam specializes in post and beam kits for barns, houses, pavilions, sheds, and other structures that feature a rustic, traditional style with exposed Douglas fir wood components.

“They have got a nice rustic look and the lumber is still kiln dried and graded, it’s just a rough cut wood style,” Wiese said. “We put a heavy focus on quality and materials.”

According to Norris, one of the advantages of post and beam construction, and specifically Legacy’s methods of pre-manufacturing kits, is the ability for customers to design their structures however they like.

“Post and beam construction is very flexible so it is an easy thing to make custom,” he said. “I think that’s what makes us attractive to customers, is everyone has their own vision or dream for what they want and we do our best to make those dreams a reality for them.”

Along with designing and manufacturing complete post and beam kits for customers, Legacy Post & Beam also sells raw materials and components.

“If someone builds a conventional home and they want a timber truss for the front, we can do that as well,” Wiese said. “We sell trusses, accent pieces, tongue and groove, basically if it’s something we use in our kits then our customers can get it from us for less than wholesale cost.”

While Legacy Post & Beam manufactures kits for enormous homes and barns, the company’s atmosphere is decidedly small-scale and family oriented.

Legacy has 13 total employees and the company’s move to Fremont was partly necessitated by a want to provide a more comfortable environment to those employees.

“The move to Fremont has really allowed us to come along way in work comfort,” Wiese said. “Where else can you work as a carpenter inside from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., those are bankers hours.”

The company’s new larger facility on the southeast side of Fremont also provides several other benefits including more covered storage space to maintain quality of its lumber components, as well as providing space to complete more than one project at once and ease of material movement.

The company’s relocation to Fremont and its proximity to Highway 275 has also created advantages.

“Honestly it’s a great place to be in the country for shipping,” Norris said. “We do free shipping up to five hundred miles and we were doing a lot of business in the Lincoln, Omaha, Kansas City areas already, so it just makes sense to be here.”

Along with relocating its manufacturing facility and headquarters to Fremont, seven employees at Legacy also made the move with the business.

“We are pretty proud of that,” Norris said. “Our success is really driven by our employees and their ability to provide our customers with great service and quality work. So to have them stick with us and make the move to a new state with us is something were proud of.”

More information about Legacy Post & Beam, and examples of the company’s products, can be found on the company’s website

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