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Maurices gives $5,000 donation to Fremont Health Foundation for COVID-19 efforts

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The Fremont Health Foundation received a $5,000 donation from Maurices to help it buy the essential items it needs to fight the coronavirus pandemic Wednesday.

“I’m super happy that we were selected and thrilled to have the opportunity to have a new community partner in a new way,” Fremont Health Foundation Director Shawn Shanahan said. “I’m also excited to give back to them and share how can we continue to highlight the great community partner that they are so that they have people that will shop there when stores are back open and life goes back to normal.”

Maurices, which has more than 900 stores across the United States and Canada, is donating $250,000 to rural hospitals fighting the pandemic.

“Like other organizations, we are looking for ways we can support our associates, our customers, and our communities,” President and CEO George Goldfarb said in a press release. “Often, rural hospitals don’t get the support they need, and by providing them with a monetary donation, they will be able to purchase what they need most in this fight against COVID‐19.”

Shanahan said she was originally called by the women’s clothing chain and asked about Methodist Fremont Health’s needs before being notified it would receive the donation Monday.

“It truly was a selection based off of need, based off of relationships and based off of our desire to support and help the community,” she said. “They really were identifying hospitals that were providing amazing healthcare, and that our focus and our mission aligned with theirs, which is saving lives and helping our local people.”

Part of that need was to purchase more ultraviolet equipment and iPads for the hospital, Shanahan said.

“We haven’t quite fully decided, and so we shared with them that those were two of our highest needs, was purchasing some additional iPads and also purchasing some UV equipment and then some needed supplies,” she said. “And so we will be placing it into our fund for our needed supplies for the pandemic.”

Sarah Clark of Daydreamer PR said Maurices worked with its field leadership teams to identify hospitals in rural areas that were in need during the pandemic.

“We have been in touch with many of the hospital administrators, and there is great need for supplies and resources to help in the fight against COVID-19,” she said. “The specific need varies by hospital, so we want them to use it for whatever they need most to protect frontline healthcare workers, patients and communities.”

Shanahan said the foundation has been seeking additional financial support and donations for meeting the hospital’s needs, which has been provided by businesses like Harbor Freight Tools and organizations like Fremont Public Schools.

“This donation will allow us to have some match money to apply for other places to continue to meet the needs and the medical supplies that are needed to continue to address the healthcare, the health and safety and well-being of those that we’re serving,” she said.

Clark said Maurices is deeply committed to giving back to the communities in which it operates in and wants to give back to healthcare workers.

“A monetary donation just allows the hospitals with flexibility and ownership in determining what they really need most,” she said. “The needs may vary by hospital, and this allows each to make the best choice for them, their staff and the community they serve.”

Shanahan said she was grateful for the support from the community and from businesses like Maurices.

“Our community is a very giving community and we continue to have support coming in from multiple places,” she said. “We are grateful for the generous gifts of in-kind, from homemade masks to donated masks to cash gifts and cash contributions that are helping us to continue to keep our community safe.”

Donations to Methodist Fremont Health can be made by reaching out to Shanahan at 402-727-3566 or at

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