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If you’ve been spending anytime downtown over the last few weeks you may have seen a new sign go up and another, more familiar sign come down.

The sign that went up was a temporary one, announcing a moving sale at Yankee Peddler West, and the sign that went down last week was the horse and buggy that hung above the antique shop at 141 East Sixth Street for many years.

Although Yankee Peddler West is moving, lucky for those looking for classic books, fine pieces of art, or other antiques they won’t have to go far as the store is moving just around the corner to 541 N. Main Street.

Longtime local antique dealer Vince O’Connor recently sold the building that houses Yankee Peddler West and began the process of moving his inventory to his new storefront just around the corner.

“It’s a mess right now,” O’Connor said of his store mid-move. “Like our sign says we’re moving around the corner, so we’re not going to go with Yankee Peddler East now.”

The current storefront at 141 East Sixth Street was recently sold by O’Connor to fellow Fremont resident Jennifer Poulas who will be opening her new store Chestnut Market at the location.

Chestnut Market will feature old and new décor, housewares and accessories, and O’Connor plans on being completely moved out of the space by mid-November so Poulas can open Chestnut Market in December. O’Connor plans to re-open at Yankee Peddler West at the new location in November.

“We’re trying to look at being out of here in the middle of November so they can have a week or so to set up for the Christmas Walk and the holidays,” O’Connor said.

O’Connor, who was a hospital administrator and CEO of Fremont Area Medical Center for many years, opened Yankee Peddler West with his wife Kerstin in 1994.

While buying and selling antiques has become his second career, antiques have always played a role in his life.

“I’m originally from Connecticut and my aunt and uncle had an antique shop in Vermont, and in New England there is a lot of old stuff,” he said. “My wife is from Sweden and I’ve been to Europe a lot and there is a lot of older old stuff there, so I have always enjoyed it.”

Part of O’Connor’s decision to move to the new, slightly smaller storefront, is so he and his wife Kerstin can spend more time with their children and grandchildren, and to visit family overseas.

“My son and his wife live in Amsterdam, and my wife is has five brothers and sisters in Sweden, so we don’t have to pay for hotel rooms and today’s flights are cheaper than ever,” O’Connor said.

With the new storefront being smaller, Yankee Peddler West aims to cut down on some of its inventory and focus on one of its biggest sellers, used books.

“Right now business has been about a third used books and art, and when we go to the other side it is going to be about 70 percent of our merchandise,” O’Connor said. “I’m still going to have the rest be other antiques, we’re known for our globes, but that’s what we are looking at doing.”

When the new storefront opens, the O’Connor’s plan to keep close to their current schedule, staying open from 10 a.m to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. For more information about Yankee Peddler West, or to ask about items, moving sale deals, or appraisals call 402-721-7800.

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