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Autumn in southeast Nebraska, and most likely everywhere, is a very busy time.

Community celebrations from Germanfest to Fall Festivals are scheduled between early September and early November because the weather in the state is more favorable to being outdoors in the fall with 70 to 80 degree temperatures and infrequent rains.

Of course, every year is different and the saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Nebraska now, wait five minutes and it will change,” has always rung somewhat true. This week, especially, has experienced cool, if not cold, rains, sunny days and everything in between.

For 14 years, Cruizin’ Main has been scheduled on the first Friday in October, and so far, 12 of those years have been blessed with beautiful weather.

Of course, the first one seemed doomed when it rained 14 years ago. There were only a handful of cars whose owners braved the droplets to showcase them.

That first year Jeanene Wehrbein was chamber director. She had planned for a big crowd, but the rain impacted attendance and she feared the event would never be popular.

The next year, however, there were about 150 vehicles showcased, which jumped to 300 the third year and maintained that level many years forth. Now, under the direction of Cindy Cruse, more than 700 vehicles were displayed last year.

And it is an event that people not only in Nebraska but the surrounding states look forward to.

Due to the heavy rainfalls last week, Cruizin’ Main has been rescheduled to 5-9 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13.

Because of the postponement, Lemon Fresh Day is not able to perform Oct. 13 to a previously-booked engagement, but the Chad Lee Band is looking forward to taking their place.

The band has shared the stage with Rascal Flatts, Rodney Atkins, Randy Travis, Rio Grand, Dirt Drifters and many more, so it promises to be a great evening with great music. While he is deeply rooted in country, Chad and his band cover a wide variety of music styles including blues, big hair, classic rock ‘n’ roll and modern day hits.

And best of all, their performance is free to the public.

Just judging from the weather Tuesday, everyone might want to pack a jacket in case the temperature drops as the evening wears on.

Events like Cruizin’ Main aim to attract people to Plattsmouth to shop in its stores, eat in its restaurants, buy gasoline and groceries, make it a regular family destination, and possible, draw people to live here.

The more people buying, the more sales tax that goes into the city coffers. The more people living here, the broader range of homeowners to bring in property taxes.

Plattsmouth’s potential to be a tourism destination in southeast Nebraska is almost limitless as long as we remain friendly, united in purpose and supportive of those already in the community and those visiting the community.

Cruizin’ Main is one of the events that have been drawing a crowd to the town for 14 consecutive years.

If the weather is nice, who knows what this year will bring to Plattsmouth?

As they said in the 1950s, “Be there or be square.”

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