What’s more fun for a Midwestern youth than heading to the State Fair?

Seeing Weeping Water students perform Rodgers and Hammerstein’s famous musical, “State Fair,” would be the answer to that question.

“State Fair” is the only musical this talented duo wrote directly for a feature film. In 1995, it was adapted for the stage and featured even more songs than the film.

The musical centers around the Frake family’s journey from their farm to the 1946 Iowa State Fair.

Ma and Pop Frakes set their eyes on winning prizes in a hog-raising contest and a mincemeat cooking contest.

Their children, Margy and Wayne, experience love and heartbreak on the fair’s Midway, learning lessons that will carry them through life long after the three-day fair.

Weeping Water Music Instructor Kim Hammer is directing the production with Stacy Bickford as her assistant.

Characters in the musical and the student portraying them are Abel Frake, Michael Buehre-Stackpole; Melissa Frake, Brogan McDonald; Wayne Frake, Tyge Thomas; Margy Frake, Samantha Thomas; Harry, Marshall Garner; Eleanor, Madison March; Gus, Jackson Flanagan; Dave Miller, Avery Heath; Fair Announcer 1, Faith Adams; Fair Announcer 2, Tory Lamkins; Concession Vendor, Reba Wilson; Hoop-la Barker, Garrett Neumeister; Balloon Vender, Jordyn Bergmann; Shooting Gallery Vendor, Kirstin Neumeister; Uncle Sam, Marcus Cave; The Amazing Stralenko, Jason Burch; Man with Glasses, Zack Smith; Trisha, Libby Cozad; Judy, Chrystal Meyer; Emily Arden, Bobbi Ritzmann/Kaylee Tighe; Pat Gilbert, Robert Brill; Charlie, Kayden Tummons; Vivian, Peyton Barrett; Jeanne, Kelsi Vogler; Betsy, Reagan Aronson; Joan, Jessie Jordan; Trudy, Addi Bickford; Lem, Trey Lamkins; Hank, Tristin Brill; Clay, Luke Meredith; Chief of Police, Jayden Brammier; Violet, Jami Twomey; Judge Heppenstahl, Kyle West; Judge Anderson, Dawson Garner; Judge Schwartzendruberbeck, Grace Cave; Foods Fair Superintendent, Alexis Ahrens; Food Fair Assistant Superintendent, Katrina Thomassen; Mrs. Robert Mosely, Skylar DeSanti; Mrs. Edwin Metcalf, Brianna Lawson; Mrs. Dorothy Boxhorn, Ryelee Ramsey; McGee, Noah May; Harvey, Ryan Smith; Fairtones, Becca Adams, Courtney Bockman, Bobbie/Kalee; First Roustabout, Levi Neumeister; Second Roustabout, Zack Smith; Drink Cart Attendant, Bailee Nissen; Strength Test Barker, Bailey Paxon; Fair Crowd; Peyton Barrett, Kelsi Vogler, Jessie Jordan, Reagan Aronson, Reba Wilson, Addi Bickford, Levi Neumeister, Zack Smith, Jason Burch, Marcus Cave, Jackson Flanagan and Avery Heath.

“State Fair” will be performed at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 15, and Friday, March 16, in the Weeping Water Public Schools Auditorium.

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