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BENNINGTON – Conestoga and Louisville runners generated medal-winning moments Thursday with electric performances at the Bennington Invite.

The Conestoga girls produced one of the day’s highlights with a team championship at the cross country meet. CHS claimed the title at the 12-school event with 33 points. The Cougars edged Bennington by three points in the team race.

A timer malfunction meant no times were kept in the varsity girls event. Times were compiled in the junior varsity girls race and the JV and varsity boys contests.

Bella Hogue finished first in the varsity event and Danie Parriott (3rd) and Jasmine Rainey (13th) each left the course with medals. Lachlyn Swim, Bridget Wagner and Jessica Poirier helped the Cougars pocket the team achievement.

Hailey Teller earned a medal for the Louisville girls with a 15th-place run. Katie Kerans and Sophie Habrock each completed the lakeside course for the Lions.

Dawson Hardesty and Trace Widler each ran for the Conestoga boys. Hardesty placed 24th and Widler was 46th.

The Louisville boys placed sixth in team standings with 96 points. Scott Blumer led the Lions with a 15th-place mark of 19:33.10. Trajan Trent, Jaxson Barnes, Tyler Hiatt and Tyler Euans all compiled times for the team.

Girls Team Results

Conestoga 33, Bennington 36, Bishop Neumann 58, Auburn 69, Nebraska City 77, DC West 78, North Bend Central 89, Boys Town 140, Cornerstone Christian, Louisville, Omaha Christian Academy, Raymond Central no team scores

Top 15 Results

(No times available due to timer malfunction)

1) Bella Hogue (CHS), 2) Faith Polacek (NEU), 3) Danie Parriott (CHS), 4) Calla Wittland (BEN), 5) Maddie Wilt (DCW), 6) Rylee Haecker (RCN), 7) Kyra Becker (AUB), 8) Chloe Schaulis (NCY), 9) Grace Tetschner (BEN), 10) Bryce Melis (BEN), 11) Adeline Bergstrom (OCA), 12) Keirra del Valle (NBC), 13) Jasmine Rainey (CHS), 14) Sierra Jones (AUB), 15) Hailey Teller (LOU)

Conestoga Results

Bella Hogue 1st, Danie Parriott 3rd, Jasmine Rainey 13th, Lachlyn Swim 21st, Bridget Wagner 50th, Jessica Poirier 51st

Louisville Results

Hailey Teller 15th, Katie Kerans 33rd, Sophie Habrock 46th

Boys Team Results

Bennington 18, DC West 29, Boys Town 71, Auburn 78, Cornerstone Christian 84, Louisville 96, Bishop Neumann 97, Nebraska City 152, Raymond Central 174, North Bend Central 180, Conestoga, Omaha Christian Academy no team scores

Top 15 Results

1) Caleb Lampe (BEN) 17:59.90, 2) James Kearney (NCY) 18:08.30, 3) Keaton Miller (BEN) 18:24.90, 4) Nick Bennett (DCW) 18:39.90, 5) Drew Persigehl (BEN) 18:42.90, 6) Ryan McArdle (DCW) 18:48.60, 7) Seth Zimmerman (AUB) 18:53.60, 8) Caden Scott (DCW) 18:59.70, 9) Hunter Shanks (BEN) 19:03.60, 10) Josh Reed (BTO) 19:05.20 11) Will Maca (DCW) 19:05.50, 12) Blake Olbrich (BEN) 19:06.80, 13) Collin Morrissey (NEU) 19:08.60, 14) Hayden Hall (AUB) 19:16.90, 15) Scott Blumer (LOU) 19:33.10

Conestoga Results

Dawson Hardesty 20:15.10 (24th), Trace Widler 21:57.30 (46th)

Louisville Varsity Results

Scott Blumer 19:33.10 (15th), Trajan Trent 20:08.00 (22nd), Jaxson Barnes 20:40.00 (30th), Tyler Hiatt 20:43.60 (31st), Tyler Euans 22:01.10 (47th)

Louisville Junior Varsity Results

Nate Krejci 21:56.90 (16th), Jacob Peacock 24:37.90 (51st)

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