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PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth students gained a major honor last year when they earned the league sportsmanship award for the first time in school history.

The Blue Devils were able to fill their trophy case again this spring with their work in the sportsmanship arena.

Eastern Midlands Conference officials announced May 9 that Plattsmouth had earned the EMC Sportsmanship Award. PHS secured the honor over seven other schools in the league. Bennington, Blair, Elkhorn, Gretna, Nebraska City, Norris and Waverly are fellow EMC members.

Plattsmouth Activities Director/Assistant Principal Shaun Brothers said he was proud of the way local residents exhibited positive behavior at games, meets and other events during the year.

“A job well done!” Brothers said. “Thank you all for representing our high school and community so well. A hearty congratulations to all athletes, students, spirit squad members, band, vocal performers, fans, coaches and staff.”

Plattsmouth Superintendent Dr. Richard Hasty and Director of Instructional Services Dr. Cherie Larson echoed those sentiments about the sportsmanship award.

“Thank you to Mr. Brothers, students, faculty, staff members, administrators, activity sponsors, parents and Plattsmouth community members for consistently demonstrating the PCS mission of responsible behavior across multiple activities throughout the school year,” Hasty said. “It takes the collective efforts of everyone to earn the votes from other schools for this award. It is a great day to be a Blue Devil!”

“This is wonderful!” Larson said. “Thanks for all the dedication and hard work by Mr. Brothers, coaches and students.”

Coaches at every EMC school voted on which institution they felt showcased the best behavior throughout the 2017-18 academic year. This included actions by players, coaches and spectators. Conference coaches listed schools in order beginning with a “1” for the best sportsmanship. League officials then tallied all of the votes to determine a winner.

PHS Principal Jeff Wiles and high school industrial technology teacher Joe LaRosa said Brothers deserved a large amount of credit for this year’s results. Brothers has called attention to the importance of sportsmanship in a variety of ways in recent years. These have included community meetings, sportsmanship t-shirts at games, plaques and signs in hallways and workshops with coaches.

“The foundation for this honor was set in place by Shaun,” LaRosa said. “He created the environment, cultured us as coaches and to steal from Dr. Larson, he enlisted a set of non-negotiables. His efforts to change the way Plattsmouth was looked upon from the outside has been a positive boost not only for our school district but also our community.”

“Thank you Shaun for all of the effort you put toward sportsmanship,” Wiles said.

The Eastern Midlands Conference has sponsored a sportsmanship award since the 1988-89 academic year. Plattsmouth will receive a league plaque for earning this year’s title.


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