City of Plattsmouth

PLATTSMOUTH – Good news is coming in the near future for Plattsmouth water users.

“We anticipate by the end of next week the water supply will come from the (city’s) water treatment plant and not from rural water,” said Steve Perry, the city’s engineering consultant.

He made that assessment at Monday evening’s Plattsmouth City Council meeting.

“There’s a lot going on down there (repair work) to make this happen,” Perry said.

However, Perry added that just two of the plant’s four filter cells for treating the water will be in operation at that time with the other two coming online about two weeks later.

Perry also said repair work is progressing on the wastewater treatment plant to the point where that plant might return to operation at the end of September.

“Work is moving ahead,” Perry said of that plant.

To have the water plant back in service soon, barring any unforeseen problem, was good news for the city, said Mayor Paul Lambert.

“We’ve had a lot of people work hard and long hours to get to this point,” he said. “Now, we’re getting close. We’re seeing the finish line and anxious to get there.”

Both plants, located on the banks of the Missouri River, sustained major interior damage from the historic floods this past spring.

With the water treatment plant out of service, the city had to reach an agreement with Cass County officials for using rural water while the plant was being repaired. City officials also requested residents conserve water usage by one-third.

With the wastewater treatment plant out of service, raw sewage has had to be dumped into the Missouri River without treatment.

While the normal water source may be returning, the expenses to fix those two plants continue to come in.

The council approved the first payment, $52,740, to Judds Bros. Construction, Inc. for emergency protection services performed at the water treatment plant. This included cleaning and disinfecting the interior and exterior clear wells and backwash tank.

The council approved the first payment, $58,850, to Judds Bros. for its work on another project, this one involving the removal of the filter media and the power washing of the filter basins, also at that plant.

The council also approved the third payment, $21,281, for emergency recovery and protection of services at the wastewater plant performed by Building Crafts, Inc.

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