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PLATTSMOUTH – Positive news on the Plattsmouth water treatment plant continues to rise, according to Mayor Paul Lambert.

“The water level around the plant is dropping, which is a good thing, and we’re in the process of getting another well in operation, a backup well,” Lambert said late last week. “The water plant is fully operational and has passed state tests for clean water. The water is very good.”

However, the city at the moment has no clear-cut solution on how to deal with ice, should the water around the plant freeze this winter.

“We’re looking at options,” Lambert said at Monday’s City Council meeting.

Meanwhile, a few remaining payment requests for completed work at that plant were approved by the council.

The council approved the payment of a bill of $18,371 for additional work needed on that plant by Omaha Electric Services. That additional work included replacing starters on two high-service pumps, refurbishing pump pipes, replacing a tank compressor and other assorted necessities.

“We’re looking toward closing that out,” Steve Perry, the city’s engineering consultant, said on that project.

The council also approved the payment of $40,159 to Omaha Electric for some emergency electric protection services at the plant. This pay request represents 98 percent of the completion of their work, Perry told the council.

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