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It’s not exactly a pretty thing to see or even say.

But, it does make for good fertilizer.

The disposal of sludge was a topic at Monday evening’s Plattsmouth City Council meeting.

Up to now, the city applied sludge on land it owned, but that piece of property is no longer available because of nearby development, according to Mayor Paul Lambert.

So, the council voted to allow private land owners the opportunity to apply it on their properties. An individual from Weeping Water has agreed to take the city’s sludge, Lambert said.

The sludge is basically waste from the city’s wastewater treatment, according to Lambert.

“We don’t charge for it,” he said. “It’s free fertilizer.”

The city will deliver it to a storage site and will then oversee the application process to ensure it follows federal government guidelines, he said.

On another topic, Lambert offered high praise for the city snow removal workers at the meeting and the following day.

“Our guys have done an exceptional job,” he said.

Lambert recently traveled to other nearby cities on business and found their roads more difficult to drive on, he said.

“Are we perfect? Maybe not, but we’re better than most cities in my opinion,” he said.

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