County public speaking contest students

Cass County 4-H members competed in county and district public speaking contests. The county event took place in Weeping Water and the district competition was held in Lincoln. Front row from left, Marcus Ensor, Joel Kavanaugh, Shawnee Ensor, Mollie Lambert, Maggie Stamp and Paige Hufstader; second row, Garrett Hufstader, Corrine Kavanaugh, Joslyn Stamp, Kaelyn Herrick, Lucy Backemeyer, Ella Miller and Abby Masonbrink. Lambert, Miller, Backemeyer and Joslyn Stamp all earned purple ribbons at the district event May 16.

WEEPING WATER – People across the state have always spoken well of the actions of Cass County 4-H members.

Many local youth had the chance to speak well with their own words during county and district contests.

Thirteen students took part in public speaking competitions through their Cass County 4-H clubs. The local event took place in April at the Cass County Extension Office in Weeping Water. The district contest was held May 16 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Animal Science Complex.

Youth ages 5-18 are eligible to participate in 4-H public speaking events each year. The contests are designed to help students develop their skills in communication, organization, self-confidence and public oratory.

Students can take part in Clover Kids, Junior, Intermediate and Senior divisions. Children eight years of age and younger are eligible to be in the Clover Kids category. The Junior Division is for children ages 8-10, the Intermediate Division is for students ages 11-13 and the Senior Division is for teenagers ages 14-18.

Four students took part in the Clover Kids category at the county event. The Clover Kids division is non-competitive and has a goal of introducing children to the art of public speaking. All four students received special participation ribbons.

Maggie Stamp from Plattsmouth, Joel Kavanaugh from Louisville and Shawnee Ensor and Marcus Ensor from Unadilla took part in the Clover Kids category. Stamp’s speech was entitled “The Snowball and the Lost Cat,” and Kavanaugh delivered a speech called “Bucket Calf.” Shawnee Ensor’s speech was entitled “Mashed Potatoes” and Marcus Ensor’s speech was called “Pokemon.”

Four students took part in the Cass County Division of the local contest. Youth are eligible for trophies and ribbons in this division each year, but they do not advance to either district or state competitions.

Corrine Kavanaugh of Louisville and Kaelyn Herrick and Paige Hufstader of Weeping Water all took part in the Cass County Junior Division. Kavanaugh earned a purple ribbon for her speech entitled “Pioneers Traveling West.” Herrick and Hufstader both earned blue ribbons. Herrick’s speech was called “Pandas” and Hufstader delivered a speech entitled “A Tragic Tale.”

Garrett Hufstader of Weeping Water earned a purple ribbon in the Cass County Intermediate Division. He spoke about a short story called “The Curse.”

Four students competed in the 4-H Division. They prepared original speeches relating to 4-H topics for the contest. All four children were eligible for trophies and ribbons at the county event. They were also eligible to advance to district and state competitions.

Mollie Lambert of Greenwood and Ella Miller of Ashland both earned purple ribbons in the 4-H Junior Speech Division. Lambert penned a speech entitled “All About Pigs” and Miller gave a speech entitled “Why Everyone Should Participate in 4-H.”

Abby Masonbrink of Murdock and Garrett Hufstader of Weeping Water both competed in the 4-H Intermediate Speech Division. Masonbrink earned a purple ribbon for her speech entitled “What Am I Going to Do With This Hair?” Hufstader earned a blue ribbon for delivering a speech called “County Fun Over the Centuries.”

Youth of all ages could compete in the Public Service Announcement (PSA) Division. Children had to submit an electronically-delivered PSA to judges that could include sound effects and public-domain music. 4-H students were eligible to win trophies and ribbons and could advance to district and state competitions.

Lucy Backemeyer of Greenwood earned a purple ribbon in the Junior PSA Division for her work entitled “4-H Fun.” Joslyn Stamp of Plattsmouth earned a purple ribbon in the Intermediate PSA Division for her work entitled “Join 4-H To Be Inspired.”

Lambert earned the Cass County 4-H’s Top Public Speaking Award at the county event. She also advanced to the Southeast District Public Speaking Contest in Lincoln. Lambert earned a purple ribbon and medal at districts with a top-five finish in the Junior Division.

Ella Miller also advanced to districts for her work on the public speaking stage. She earned a purple ribbon at the May event.

Lucy Backemeyer and Joslyn Stamp both competed in the PSA category at the district competition. They had to write a 60-second radio PSA using the theme “4-H Grows Confidence” for judges. Backemeyer earned a purple ribbon in the Junior PSA Division. Stamp earned a purple ribbon in the Intermediate PSA Division.

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