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Cass County Jail

PLATTSMOUTH – When law enforcement authorities went to a Louisville-area site on Saturday to investigate a possible illegal cockfighting incident, the use of drones came into play.

Officials from Cass County Emergency Management brought their drone to the scene to help find individuals fleeing from authorities.

It came in handy, according to the EM manager.

“They were hiding everywhere,” said Chad Korte at Tuesday’s Cass County Board of Commissioners meeting. “We located several individuals who were hiding. That was a big help.”

The agency uses a drone for emergency situations like search and rescue, Korte said.

“The drone was instrumental in securing several individuals who ran and hid,” EM Director Sandy Weyers told the board.

Her department’s work, however, came with a price tag as it racked up $2,500 in overtime expenses that day, Weyers said.

Also at the board meeting, Sheriff Bill Brueggemann said his department has never dealt with anything like this in his 30-plus years there. He was also quite blunt on what he thought of this incident.

“It’s stupid. There are other things for entertainment that are legal and this isn’t one of them.”

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