WEEPING WATER – Figure-eight races proved to be number one in the hearts of many Cass County Fair visitors Friday night.

Hundreds of people filled the grandstands at the pulling track for the annual event. The NeFigure8n association sponsored races at the fairgrounds for the tenth consecutive year.

NeFigure8n began operating in 2008 and traveled to the Cass County Fairgrounds during its inaugural season. The group missed the fair in 2009 but returned to Cass County in 2010. The association has maintained a presence in the local area ever since.

Friday night’s races featured competitors in both open and stock classes. Cars traveled in a figure-eight route on the dirt track for multiple laps. All cars began at the north end of the figure-eight shape and remained close to each other during the first few laps. Their paths began to cross in the middle of the route once the leaders moved ahead of the pack.

Two giant-sized tires were placed on the track to form the top and bottom of the figure-eight shape. Many cars kicked up dirt with their tires as they curled around the objects at fast speeds.

Drivers had to remove all glass, plastic, upholstery, lights, mirrors, moldings and chrome from their cars before they could race in either the open or stock classes. Riders in both classes also had to have a minimum four-point cage securely welded to the car’s frame for safety.

Racing officials required all drivers to wear Department of Transportation-approved helmets that included full eye protection. Fire suits, gloves and neck collars were also mandatory.

The Cass County Fair races featured many of the top drivers in this year’s point standings in both classes. Stock class leaders Dylan Axline, Michael Wize, Brian Beringer and Shane Kozisek were all present. Open class leaders Chris Schweitzer and Collin Demuth were also in the field for their races.

NeFigure8n held nine shows during the summer. The group made tour stops at fairgrounds in Clay, Saline, Polk and Hamilton counties in July and Saunders, Lancaster, York, Cass and Seward counties in August. The association kicked off the season June 15 at the Harrison County Fair in Missouri Valley, Iowa.

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