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PLATTSMOUTH – A former Plattsmouth resident admitted Monday morning that he had committed domestic assault and false reporting crimes earlier this year.

Stanley D. Dornhoff, 23, accepted a plea bargain during an appearance in Cass County District Court. He pled guilty to Class I misdemeanor charges of domestic assault-third degree and false reporting.

The state agreed to dismiss two Class IIIA felony charges of strangulation and a Class I misdemeanor charge of false imprisonment-second degree. The state also reduced its original Class IV felony charge of tampering with a witness.

Deputy County Attorney Richard Fedde told the court the plea bargain was initiated at the female victim’s request. There was no agreement regarding sentencing terms.

Fedde said Dornhoff and the female victim arrived at their Plattsmouth home on Jan. 26 and began arguing. Dornhoff became angry and struck the victim in the left eye. Fedde said Dornhoff also choked the woman during the argument.

The woman called police the next day and reported the domestic assault. Fedde said officers saw the woman had a black eye and were able to verify the assault had taken place.

The false reporting crime happened in late July. A Plattsmouth police officer learned Dornhoff had been involved in a second alleged domestic assault incident with the same victim. The officer looked at text messages and learned the specific time the alleged assault had happened.

Fedde said Dornhoff had falsely told authorities he was not at the residence when the assault took place. Dornhoff asked one of his friends to provide a false alibi and claim that he was with him.

A police officer looked at additional text messages and found that the friend’s story was not true. The officer interviewed the friend and showed him the evidence he had found. The friend admitted Dornhoff had persuaded him to provide the false alibi.

Dornhoff had been living in Plattsmouth when the January incident occurred. His address is now listed as Heartwell, Neb.

Dornhoff remains free on bond. The court set a sentencing date of Jan. 13.

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