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Plattsmouth Fire and Rescue

PLATTSMOUTH—Besides the bitter cold and heavy snow that can create dangerous situations, there’s another potential threat people need to be aware of during the winter months.

It’s carbon monoxide poisoning. And, what is really dangerous is that carbon monoxide is odorless.

Carbon monoxide can be found in cars, trucks, or small engines or gas burning appliances, according to Bob Heckman of the Plattsmouth Fire Department.

It can also be found indoors and can kill people and animals who breathe it, he said.

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are flu-like, Heckman said.

These include headache, upset stomach, dizziness or general weakness, he said.

“If you think your home has a carbon monoxide problem, please call 911 and get out of the house,” Heckman said. “It is better to be safe than sorry.”

To prevent such problems, Heckman recommended getting a carbon monoxide detector.

“If it alerts you to a problem, again call 911 and get out,” he said.

To replace gas burning appliances, always have a professional install it or follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, he said.

Only install gas appliances made for indoor use, Heckman said.

“Sometimes during winter your power may be knocked out. Do not run the generator in the garage if it’s attached to the house.”

It’s also important when warming the car up in the garage even with the door open. It’s important to back it out of the garage.

“If you have a fireplace, have the chimney cleaned and inspected once a year,” Heckman said.

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