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PLATTSMOUTH – The long-awaited laser cutter has arrived at the Plattsmouth Public Library and has designs on becoming a big hit with the community.

“It’s really versatile,” said Karen Mier, library director. ”You can use it for making gifts, use it to make products to sell, to start up a business. There was one young lady making materials to sell. She was creating home décor out of wood. It’s great for do-it-yourselfers.”

People can use it to etch images or sayings on so many surfaces, including wood, glass, ceramic tiles, cork, leather, fabric, paper, even quilted pieces, Mier said. It can also cut intricate designs, she added.

Though a short training session is necessary, it appears quite easy to operate. A person can create a word or text there or bring something in on a flash drive, Mier said.

The person can then on a computer create instructions for the cutter, such as the size and placement of the image or the words on the surface, what font to use for the words and the surface thickness for cutting. After a click of the “OK” button, process moves to the cutter through the use of a software called CorelDRAW. Usually, the design comes out in two minutes or less, Mier said.

The library brought in the cutter because of its popularity among the public last spring in a state program that gauges public use with a variety of items so that libraries don’t purchase items that may receive little use.

“This was clearly the favorite,” Mier said.

There is no cost in using the machine, though the library does have some basic items for purchase if needed.

Organizations like the Midlands Community Foundation, the library’s Friends group and its foundation, along with businesses and individuals have helped pay for the $17,000 cost.

To learn more information and to sign up for training, call Mier at 402-296-4154, ext. 23.

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