PLATTSMOUTH – All signs point to an excellent job by Plattsmouth’s Quinton Denton for his Eagle Scout project.

And, the Plattsmouth Elementary School shows signs of having a more eye-catching outdoor learning area in the future.

For his project, Quinton created 10 wooden signs, each identifying a particular learning area, or station, on the grounds.

Quinton, the son of Duane and Lisa Denton, is a member of the Mid-America Council of Boys Scouts Troop 399. He started as a cub scout in the first grade, then became a boys scout in the fifth grade.

“I wanted to learn skills that boys scouts do,” Quinton said.

His Eagle Scout project began two years ago when a school official asked him to make signs for the outdoor area.

With trees that he and father salvaged after they were destroyed from a powerful wind storm, the process of making the signs began.

The wood was cut, then routered and sanded and finally a glossy finish was applied and the lettering was painted with a black stain.

Quinton did all this besides his studies and other school activities.

“I had to find gaps in my schedules,” he said. “It was difficult at times. I had to pace myself.”

This past Sunday with his parents and friends on hand, Quinton mounted each sign, either on posts or on existing infrastructure, at its own particular station as a way to identify the educational and fun aspects of that station.

For example, Quinton created a sign titled Weather that was mounted by a large outdoor temperature gauge. Another sign, Gather, was mounted by a group of logs used as a seating area for events on the nearby stage, where he placed the sign, Music.

It took about two-and-a-half hours to complete the work, Quinton said.

“I thought they came out great.”

So did school officials.

“They said it looked really great,” Quinton said.

Quinton said he is proud to be a scout and has learned a lot.

“I’ve learned besides outdoor skills, leadership skills.”

Quinton is part of an impressive group of scouts in Troop 399. He is one of three who have undertaken an Eagle Scout project this year.

“Three in one year is pretty big,” Duane Denton said. “That’s pretty impressive.”

School principal Amy Petricek said she likes the way the signs fit in nicely with the look of the main entryway sign.

“The signs match that style,” she said.

“I am proud,” Quinton said of his work.

He should know within the next 60 days concerning his Eagle Scout ranking.

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