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PLATTSMOUTH – A Cass County resident who struck a victim in the head with a coffee pot in 2016 was sentenced Monday morning for violating probation requirements.

Stephanie Lindsey, 39, appeared in Cass County District Court for a sentencing hearing. Lindsey lived in Nehawka at the time of her initial arrest but currently has a Plattsmouth address.

Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to a Nehawka residence in September 2016 after learning Lindsey and a man had started arguing. A younger female victim was present at the time of the argument.

Lindsey grabbed a stainless steel coffee pot and began swinging it at the male. The female victim stepped near Lindsey in an attempt to de-escalate the situation. Lindsey then swung the coffee pot at her and struck her in the head. The collision left a noticeable bump on the female victim’s head.

Lindsey pled guilty to one Class IIIA felony charge of child abuse in March 2017. She began serving 60 months of probation in May 2017. She was required to abstain from alcohol and drugs, appear for scheduled probation visits and take part in both random and scheduled drug and alcohol tests.

The state made a motion to revoke Lindsey’s probation after learning she had tested positive for alcohol three times in 2018. Defense attorney Julie Bear said Lindsey started wearing a continuous alcohol monitoring (CAM) device after those tests. She also began attending an outpatient treatment program.

Judge Michael Smith said probation officials reported they were willing to keep Lindsey on probation because of her recent actions. He ordered her probation to remain the same length with the same number of requirements.

Smith said it was necessary to send Lindsey to jail for a short time to hold her accountable for her failed alcohol tests. He ordered her to spend 48 hours in jail. She will begin serving her sentence in Cass County Jail on Friday afternoon.

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