PLATTSMOUTH – People who live near any waterway in Cass County need to watch their surroundings carefully and be ready to leave their homes at a moment’s notice because of rising waters, the county’s emergency management director said.

“If you live near any waterway, you should have an alternative plan for safety and be ready to leave,” said Sandy Weyers.

People should also be aware of their limitations, if any, and make arrangements accordingly should they need to leave quickly, she added.

Besides the recent rains, another factor for the rising waters, according to Weyers, is the increased release of water from Gavins Point Dam to 70,000 cubic feet per second.

Come Saturday, dam officials are to release 5,000 cubic feet more to 75,000 cubic feet per second, which should arrive in this area sometime Sunday, Weyers said.

The weather forecast for the next few weeks calls for above normal rainfall, she added.

“That doesn’t help,” she said.

Nebraska law, she added, doesn’t allow for mandatory evacuation.

“All we can do is suggest,” Weyers said. “Plan for the worst and hope for the best.”

Residents in Buccaneer Bay are probably hoping for the best, but that hasn’t occurred so far.

“The water has gone up over four feet in the last three days,” said Chuck Beda, whose house barely escaped being flooded earlier this spring. Earlier this week, Beda said he could sit on the bench on his dock, but that was under water on Wednesday.

Besides the recent rain, the lake where he and others live is impacted by the nearby Platte River, which is now rising.

“When the river goes up our lake goes up, when it goes down our lake goes down,” Beda said. “It’s both rain and the Platte River.”

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