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PLATTSMOUTH – An Ashland man admitted Monday morning that he had threatened two local residents after they found him slumped over in his car.

Austin L. Todd, 35, appeared in Cass County District Court for plea hearings on multiple charges. He pled guilty to a Class I misdemeanor of attempted tampering with a witness and Class II misdemeanors of attempted carrying a concealed weapon and leaving the scene of an accident-fail to furnish information. He also pled guilty to one Class III misdemeanor of willful reckless driving-first offense.

The state agreed to dismiss two charges of criminal mischief-$1,500 to $5,000 and driving under the influence of alcohol-first offense in exchange for the guilty pleas. Prosecutors also agreed to recommend probation at the time of sentencing.

Deputy County Attorney Steven Sunde told the court two residents found Todd slumped over the steering wheel of his truck at 226th Street and Highway 6 Aug. 4. The vehicle was on train tracks at the time. They were concerned and approached the truck to try to help him.

Sunde said the residents were able to help Todd wake up. Sunde said Todd immediately became angry and intentionally rammed his truck into the vehicle owned by the two residents. He then began yelling at the residents and told them not to call anyone. Sunde said the residents felt this was a verbal threat meant to intimidate them.

When the residents informed Todd that they had already called authorities to come to the location, Todd became angrier. Sunde said he went to the back of his vehicle and reached inside to try to grab something. Sunde said the residents fled the scene on foot because they felt he may have been trying to reach a weapon.

Ashland police arrived on scene and spoke with the two people. Todd had left the area when they arrived but his vehicle was still present. Police found a large knife in the backseat of his vehicle.

Todd was located a short time later in Ashland. Ashland police turned him over to Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputies. They then transported him to Cass County Jail.

Todd remains free on bond. The court set a sentencing date of Jan. 14.

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