Cass County Jail

PLATTSMOUTH – A Plattsmouth resident admitted Monday afternoon that he had threatened to kill a Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputy last fall while he was in jail.

Jared W. Rye, 33, pled guilty to one Class IIIA felony charge of terroristic threats in Cass County District Court. The state agreed to recommend a one-year jail term as part of a plea bargain.

Cass County Attorney Colin Palm told the court Rye had been incarcerated at Cass County Jail on another matter when the incident occurred Oct. 29. Palm said Rye told a deputy who was standing near his jail cell that he wanted to kill him. Rye then told the deputy he would use a pistol to shoot him in the future.

The deputy reported the statements to his superiors. Cass County Attorney’s Office later filed charges based on the deputy’s testimony.

Prosecutors agreed to dismiss pending charges against Rye in three other court cases in exchange for his plea. Rye had allegedly damaged a fire-sprinkler head and thrown a basketball at a CCSO deputy in the jail in the weeks prior to the terroristic threats incident. He had also allegedly tried to punch a deputy.

Both sides agreed to go to immediate sentencing after the plea hearing. The state and defense both recommended a one-year term of incarceration.

Judge Michael Smith accepted the recommendations and ordered Rye to serve one year in the Nebraska Department of Corrections. He said since Rye had already spent more than six months behind bars that he had fulfilled the terms of the prison sentence. Rye will be required to obtain a health evaluation and spend nine months on post-release supervision.

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