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PLATTSMOUTH – A Plattsmouth man who violated his local post-release supervision by leading police on a high-speed chase will spend time in jail.

Ronald S. Hoschar, 31, appeared in Cass County District Court Monday morning for a sentencing hearing. He admitted earlier this year that he had disobeyed several requirements of his Cass County post-release supervision program.

Hoschar was ordered to serve time in the Nebraska Department of Corrections in December 2017 for a possession of controlled substance charge. A local resident found him passed out in a public stairway in a Plattsmouth apartment building. Police found a clear plastic baggie near Hoschar that contained 21 white round pills known as lorazepam.

Hoschar started 12 months on post-release supervision in April 2018. Authorities made a motion to revoke his post-release supervision after he failed to communicate with them for multiple weeks. He had also made no attempt to find employment.

Hoschar was arrested in Pottawattamie County in September 2018 after he led authorities from multiple law enforcement agencies on a high-speed chase. Omaha police attempted to conduct a license plate check on a silver Chevrolet Impala that was southbound on 48th Street. Hoschar was driving the vehicle and fellow Plattsmouth resident Branden Anstey was a passenger.

Police learned Hoschar and Anstey were inside a car that had been reported stolen several days earlier. Hoschar did not obey police sirens and raced through stoplights and stop signs in Omaha. The high-speed pursuit surpassed speeds of 90 miles per hour and went from Omaha into Council Bluffs.

The chase ended after the car went out of control and crashed near DeSoto Avenue by Interstate 29. Iowa State Patrol troopers and Pottawattamie County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested both men and took them to jail.

Hoschar pled no contest to a Class IV felony charge of operating a motor vehicle to avoid arrest. He was sentenced to 90 days in jail in Douglas County in December 2018. His driver’s license was suspended for two years and he was required to spend nine months on post-release supervision.

Hoschar failed to appear for a court hearing in Cass County in March 2019. He was arrested in Pottawattamie County in April 2019 and was transported to Cass County Jail. He has spent the past 117 days incarcerated in Plattsmouth.

Deputy County Attorney Steven Sunde asked the court Monday to impose additional jail time. He said Hoschar had been involved with illegal drugs for more than a decade. Hoschar’s criminal history also included charges of third-degree assault, reckless driving, theft, driving under suspension, shoplifting, attempted leaving the scene of an accident and unauthorized use of a financial transaction device.

Sunde said Hoschar had not been employed for two years and owed $9,000 in child support payments. He said Hoschar had made statements to authorities about preferring to smoke marijuana instead of working.

“I don’t think the court has anything realistic to do except send him to jail,” Sunde said. “The opportunities have been provided to him to turn things around and he has not taken advantage of them.”

Defense attorney Julie Bear asked the court to issue a minimal jail sentence. She said Hoschar had largely paid his societal debt for the post-release supervision violations by already serving 117 days in jail.

Judge Michael Smith ordered Hoschar to spend an additional 22 days in Cass County Jail. He must also pay all of his court costs. Hoschar currently owes $784.99 to the court system.

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