PLATTSMOUTH – It has been said that the worst of times brings out the best in people.

That was certainly the case this past year as the residents of Plattsmouth showed their community pride by eagerly rolling up their sleeves to offer helping hands in dealing with the historic flood of 2019.

“It’s been tremendous the caring the people have showed,” said Mayor Paul Lambert.

He recalled how so many residents, more than was needed, rushed to help in stopping flood waters along East Main Street from flowing further into town in March.

“We had a tremendous response from the city wanting to help,” he said.

There were also the times when businesses, organizations and individuals provided meals for the hard-working city employees and contractors.

“That was an excellent example of the citizens caring about their neighbors,” Lambert said.

The city’s wastewater treatment plant is still down for the time being, but the water plant has been functional for many weeks now, including two wells at the ready.

Lambert, of course, had plenty of praise for the hard work of city employees and contractors for making such progress possible.

“Our whole city staff and the contractors did an excellent job,” he said.

Progress is occurring at the wastewater plant, he added.

“We’re getting (flood) barriers in by the end of this week.”

Structures that Lambert described as wire-framed fabric will be filled with sand with one placed on top of another for providing up to eight feet of flood protection for the plant should waters rise again this spring, he said.

This includes protecting work already done there, he added.

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