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Plattsmouth native Shannon Lewis is developing a history tour of the community through her new business, History Walks.

PLATTSMOUTH – Shannon Lewis loves history and doing the necessary research into the background of interesting places and people.

She’s impressed with what her hometown has to offer.

“Plattsmouth has a very interesting history,” Lewis said while attending a program this week at the Cass County Historical Society Museum.

Now living in Omaha, Lewis last year started a business called History Walks, taking small groups on guided history tours.

“I like to have 15 points of history,” Lewis said of her tours.

She’s in the process of developing a guided tour of Plattsmouth later this year, Lewis said.

There are numerous places in town Lewis mentioned right off the bat like the Cass County Courthouse, the public library and along the Missouri River where the Lewis and Clark Expedition camped.

“There are a lot of older homes north of Main Street,” Lewis said. “There are many original buildings on Main Street that are still there and there are quite a few churches.”

Chances are, her Plattsmouth tour will include visits to area cemeteries.

“I’m a cemetery enthusiast. On the back of my business card it says `I’d rather be at the cemetery.’”

Besides guided tours, Lewis is also involved in cemetery preservation.

Each of her tours usually has about 15 people, Lewis said.

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