PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth students delivered a story about love, jealousy and redemption this past week during several appearances on the high school stage.

The Blue Devils performed “The Truth in the Clouds” for local audiences Nov. 14-16. Plattsmouth teacher Tyler Orvis wrote, designed and directed the fall play. He said he was grateful for the opportunity to watch students work with the script over the past three months.

“It was an absolute joy to work with this very wonderful group of student actors as they brought this piece to life,” Orvis said. “They were the first to speak these words aloud and their approach, perspective and insight helped shape the arc of this play.”

Aubrey Swaink, Faith Olsen, Alanna Bain, Alyssa Manley, Cadence Fulfs, Anna Hoier, Maggie McKenzie, Cameran Talbot, Emileigh Mitchell, Shelby Metzler, Lily Roby, Sarah Schreiber, Kelli Cunningham, Brendan Simoens, C.J. Wiseman, Libby Baxter, Isaac Peterson, Jaden Horner and Emmanuel Meloy appeared on stage in the play. Dakotah Bell was stage manager for the production.

Orvis used the Ancient Greek myth of Psyche and Eros as the basis for his storyline. In Plattsmouth’s play, a king and queen devised a plan to use their daughter Psyche as a way to gain immortality. They felt her beauty would cause Aphrodite to become jealous and eventually force her to accept the king and queen into the cosmos.

Aphrodite sent her son Eros to deal with Psyche and restore order. However, Eros and Psyche fell in love and Eros chose not to follow through with his mother’s plan. The rest of the play showcased the consequences of everyone’s decisions.

Students auditioned for parts at the beginning of the school year and spent dozens of hours learning lines and fine-tuning scenes. Orvis said their dedication helped “The Truth in the Clouds” become a fun production for everyone to take part in.

“It was through their work that the rhythms and movements took shape,” Orvis said. “It was through their work that these characters came to life. It was through their work that this piece changed and became better. It is because of their work that this play is on the stage. Thank you for supporting them, live theater and the arts.”

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