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Plattsmouth Community Schools

PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth Board of Education members unanimously approved a resolution Monday night that will allow voters to cast ballots in a school bond election.

Board members approved a resolution for a bond issue with an amount not to exceed $15,055,000. Patrons of Plattsmouth Community Schools will have an opportunity to take part in a special election on Tuesday, May 14.

The bond issue includes 47 projects at Plattsmouth High School, Plattsmouth Community Middle School, Plattsmouth Elementary School, Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center and other district buildings.

Board members spent several hours in both their workshop and regular meeting discussing many parts of the bond issue. Topics included how best to phrase the bond resolution and which items should be included in the bond.

One of the major points of discussion was whether to include construction of a new fieldhouse and repayment of loans for the Plattsmouth Activities Complex for Kids project with the bond issue. The fieldhouse had an estimated cost of more than $2 million and the P.A.C.K. loans were for $600,000. Board members decided not to include either of those items with the bond.

The district is scheduled to pay off one of its current bonds in December 2019. The current bond levy is $0.17417 per $100 of property valuation. If the new bond issue passes, Plattsmouth Superintendent Dr. Richard Hasty said the revised bond levy would be approximately $0.14700 per $100 of property valuation. This would mean a decrease of approximately 2.7 cents.

Cass County Election Office will determine whether the school bond election will use a mail-in or walk-in format. If it is a mail-in election, all registered voters would receive a ballot in the mail and then return it either by mail or in person to the election office. If it is a walk-in election, voters would travel to polls at local precinct locations to cast ballots.

Board of Education Student Representative C.J. Wiseman asked the board to ensure that at least two public forums be held about the bond issue. He said it was important for people to learn information about the bond at convenient times and places. Board President Ken Winters said forums would take place over the next eight weeks.

The following is a list of items that are included with the bond proposal. Each item includes a preliminary estimated cost. They are separated into projects that would take place at the high school, middle school, elementary school, early childhood center and other district buildings.

Plattsmouth High School Projects

* Vocational Technology Center—$6,667,628

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades—$900,000

* Auditorium Upgrades—$200,000

* Exterior Upgrades—$268,000

* Classroom, Media Center, Cafeteria Furniture Upgrades—$120,000

* Field Storage Area—$225,000

* Fitness Center Equipment Upgrades—$200,000

* Existing Classroom Remodeling—$180,000

* Parking Lot & Concrete Repairs—$75,000

* Restroom Remodeling—$125,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades—$60,000

* Roof Repairs—$50,000

* Gymnasium Public Address System Upgrades—$30,000

* Auxiliary Gymnasium Bleachers—$14,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling—$15,000

Plattsmouth Community Middle School Projects

* Middle School Track Replacement—$805,133

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades—$1,000,000

* Gymnasium Floor and Bleacher Replacement—$382,094

* Classroom & Cafeteria Furniture Upgrades—$100,000

* Roof Repairs—$150,000

* Restroom Remodeling—$126,000

* Asphalt & Concrete Repairs—$100,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades—$40,000

* Computer Lab Remodeling—$25,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling—$10,000

Plattsmouth Elementary School Projects

* Replacement of Portable Classrooms—$1,012,503

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades—$400,000

* Revised Parent Pick-up/Drop-off Driveway and Parking—$310,006

* Playground Equipment Upgrades—$150,000

* Cafeteria & Classroom Furniture Upgrades—$80,000

* Gym/Cafeteria Floor Replacement—$140,000

* Roof Repairs—$130,000

* Restroom Remodeling—$80,000

* Adding Classroom Doors at Pods—$120,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades—$25,000

* Parking Lot & Concrete Repairs—$18,000

* Computer Lab Remodeling—$16,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling—$15,000

Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center/Head Start Projects

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades—$190,000

* Restroom Remodeling—$200,000

* Entry Vestibule Remodeling—$150,000

* Classroom Furniture Upgrades—$20,000

* Roof Repairs—$60,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades—$15,000

* Stair Handrail/Guardrail Upgrades—$8,000

Other District Building Projects

* District Administration Center HVAC Upgrades—$22,000

* PLUS Center Flooring Upgrades—$25,000

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