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PLATTSMOUTH – A community preparedness training center where the public could learn skills for personal protection or for medical or basic daily needs should emergencies occur is planned for Cass County.

The facility, approved Tuesday by the county’s Board of Commissioners, is to be located on 10 acres along Highway 34 near Elmwood.

On the grounds is a 170-foot-long building that includes a missile silo no longer active, plus open land for outdoor firearms training.

More and more women want to learn how to better use firearms, according to Larry Langer, a co-owner of the facility.

“It’s amazing how many women are interested in this,” he said.

Efforts have begun to form training that is exclusively for women, Langer said.

The outdoor area would feature two pistol ranges, plus two longer distance ranges for rifle training and practice.

“It’s not just a shooting range,” Langer said. “We want to be more encompassing. It’s about building community, bringing people together.”

The public could also learn such useful emergency skills like food preservation such as canning, water purification, even basic first aid medical skills, according to Langer.

There are other facilities in the region, according to Langer, but his goal is to create a facility that is affordable for all.

“The cost would be minimal,” he said. “We would like to cover our overhead, but it’s not about profit.”

It’s hoped the facility can be up and running in the next 60 to 90 days, Langer said.

“Most of the building has been remodeled and the ranges are nearly finished.”

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