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PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth Board of Education members have approved a six-month extension of an agreement that will allow the city to continue exploring Old Blue Devil Stadium for economic development.

Board members voted 9-0 on Monday night to approve a contract extension between Plattsmouth Community Schools and the city of Plattsmouth. The city will pay the school district $10,000 to continue the agreement to June 30, 2020.

City officials made their first payment of $20,000 in May 2018 as part of a memorandum of option agreement. If the city decides to purchase the Old Blue Devil Stadium property from the school district, it could do so for a price of $195,000.

The school district is contractually bound to not sell Old Blue Devil Stadium to any other person or entity through June 30. If the city opts not to buy the property before June 30, the school district would be able to put it back on the market.

The original agreement lasted from May 2018 to May 2019. The city purchased an extension in late May and recently asked for a second extension. City officials have paid the school district a total of $40,000 over the past 18 months.

Plattsmouth Superintendent Dr. Richard Hasty told board members he had spoken with Plattsmouth City Administrator Erv Portis about the topic earlier in the day. City officials have been soil testing the Old Blue Devil Stadium property for many months and have been working on details involving local streets.

“Erv is confident that the city is moving toward a final determination on what will happen at that property,” Hasty said.

The Old Blue Devil Stadium property sits across the street from the Plattsmouth Post Office building on Washington Avenue. North 10th Street runs along its western edge and the Cassco Arms residential building sits to its east.

City Council members learned in May 2018 that a developer was interested in working with the city on a possible residential area at Old Blue Devil Stadium. City officials felt the opportunity was worth pursuing and contacted school representatives about creating a memorandum of option agreement.

The contract authorizes the city to conduct any tests, inspections or evaluations of the site to determine whether it is suitable for purchase. This includes engineering, topographical, soils, zoning, wetlands and environmental inspections.

Council members authorized E & A Consulting Group, Inc., in May 2018 to conduct a topographical survey and two assessments at a cost not to exceed $25,700. The company has been providing the city with those results over the past year.

The city would not be obligated to purchase the property if significant environmental issues would arise in the coming weeks. The option payments totaling $40,000 to the school district would be non-refundable.

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