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PLATTSMOUTH – Plattsmouth Board of Education members will host three public question-and-answer meetings over the next four weeks about the upcoming school bond election.

Board members announced dates for the community forums during their regular meeting Monday night. All three events are scheduled to take place at the school district’s administration center located near the high school. They would move to the high school auditorium if a large crowd is present.

The first forum will take place at 7 p.m. Wednesday, April 24. The second event will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday, April 27. The third and final forum will start at 10 a.m. Saturday, May 4.

Plattsmouth Superintendent Dr. Richard Hasty said school officials decided to hold three forums after speaking with consultants from DLR Group. Architect Pat Phelan suggested three forums would give district residents the ability to learn more about the project at times that fit into their schedules.

“Pat Phelan felt three was a good amount to allow for community input,” Hasty said. “The ballots will begin to be mailed out on April 24, so we felt that was a good date to have the first forum. It will give people time to look at the ballots and then come to the forums to ask questions.”

Board members will be available at each of the forums to provide information to patrons about the bond election. Voters will decide whether to approve bonds of $15,055,000 for district construction and renovation projects.

Cass County Election Office has determined the election will take place through a mail-in format. Election officials will mail ballots to district patrons between April 24 and May 3. All ballots are due back in the Cass County Election Office by 5 p.m. Tuesday, May 14.

Voters may return their ballots either through the mail or in person at the office until the May 14 deadline. Cass County Election Office is located at 201 Main Street in Plattsmouth. The office is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Registered voters who are patrons of Plattsmouth Community Schools will be the only people eligible to cast ballots in the election.

Board members approved a resolution for the bond issue at their March meeting. The bond issue includes more than 40 proposed projects throughout the district.

One of the largest projects in the bond issue is a new vocational technology center that would be constructed north of the current high school building. The proposed addition would be 25,000 square feet and would be placed next to the staff parking lot on grassy land. An enclosed corridor would connect the main PHS building with the new classrooms and workspace. The proposed addition would cost $6,667,628.

The proposed building would house classrooms for vocational agriculture, construction trades, welding and metals fabrication, culinary arts, hospitality trades and automotive/diesel transportation services. Students currently take those classes in both the high school building and the P.A.C.E. Complex.

Another main project is the replacement of all heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at district buildings. The estimated cost for upgrades is $900,000 at the high school and $1,000,000 at the middle school. District officials are estimating HVAC upgrades will cost $400,000 at the elementary school, $190,000 at the early childhood center and $22,000 at the administration building.

A third major proposed project is the resurfacing of the track at Plattsmouth Community Middle School. The estimated cost of replacing the track surface is $805,133.

The full list of bond projects is available below with their estimated costs:

Plattsmouth High School Projects

* Vocational Technology Center – $6,667,628

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades – $900,000

* Auditorium Upgrades – $200,000

* Exterior Upgrades – $268,000

* Classroom, Media Center, Cafeteria Furniture Upgrades – $120,000

* Field Storage Area – $225,000

* Fitness Center Equipment Upgrades – $200,000

* Existing Classroom Remodeling – $180,000

* Parking Lot & Concrete Repairs – $75,000

* Restroom Remodeling – $125,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades – $60,000

* Roof Repairs – $50,000

* Gymnasium Public Address System Upgrades – $30,000

* Auxiliary Gymnasium Bleachers – $14,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling – $15,000

Plattsmouth Community Middle School Projects

* Middle School Track Replacement – $805,133

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades – $1,000,000

* Gymnasium Floor and Bleacher Replacement – $382,094

* Classroom & Cafeteria Furniture Upgrades – $100,000

* Roof Repairs – $150,000

* Restroom Remodeling – $126,000

* Asphalt & Concrete Repairs – $100,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades – $40,000

* Computer Lab Remodeling – $25,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling – $10,000

Plattsmouth Elementary School Projects

* Replacement of Portable Classrooms – $1,012,503

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades – $400,000

* Revised Parent Pick-up/Drop-off Driveway and Parking – $310,006

* Playground Equipment Upgrades – $150,000

* Cafeteria & Classroom Furniture Upgrades – $80,000

* Gym/Cafeteria Floor Replacement – $140,000

* Roof Repairs – $130,000

* Restroom Remodeling – $80,000

* Adding Classroom Doors at Pods – $120,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades – $25,000

* Parking Lot & Concrete Repairs – $18,000

* Computer Lab Remodeling – $16,000

* Secure Entrance Vestibule Remodeling – $15,000

Plattsmouth Early Childhood Center/Head Start Projects

* HVAC Equipment/System Upgrades – $190,000

* Restroom Remodeling – $200,000

* Entry Vestibule Remodeling – $150,000

* Classroom Furniture Upgrades – $20,000

* Roof Repairs – $60,000

* Security Camera System Upgrades – $15,000

* Stair Handrail/Guardrail Upgrades – $8,000

Other District Building Projects

* District Administration Center HVAC Upgrades – $22,000

* PLUS Center Flooring Upgrades – $25,000

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