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Cass County Courthouse

PLATTSMOUTH – Two Nebraska residents received probation sentences Monday morning during hearings in Cass County District Court.

Lincoln resident Taylor A. Barg, 27, appeared in the day’s first case. He pled guilty in November to a Class IV felony charge of possession of controlled substance-methamphetamine.

Two Cass County Sheriff’s Office deputies stopped Barg Feb. 11 for erratic driving. He stopped in the middle of the road near the intersection of Highways 50 and 34 at 11:19 p.m.

Deputies searched the vehicle and found a pipe and glass vial. State crime lab officials discovered the presence of methamphetamine on the glass vial.

The state remained silent at the sentencing hearing as part of a plea agreement. Defense attorney Julie Bear told the court Barg had a strong work ethic and had received support from his employer. She asked the court to issue a probation term that included many options for drug treatment.

Judge Michael Smith ordered Barg to serve 48 months on probation. Barg must complete a residential treatment program and enroll in cognitive behavior classes. He must abstain from alcohol and drugs and submit to random tests and searches.

Plattsmouth resident Scott H. Young, 44, appeared in the day’s second case. He pled guilty earlier this year to a Class I misdemeanor charge of attempted possession of controlled substance-methamphetamine.

Young was arrested May 1 after authorities discovered he was trying to conceal drug paraphernalia. Deputy County Attorney Steven Sunde said the incident happened after Young and another man were returning from a fishing trip.

Sunde said Young’s criminal history began in 1994 and included charges such as theft and use of illegal drugs. He said he felt Young had not taken responsibility for his actions in the current case.

Sunde said he was also concerned that Young had not appeared at his previous sentencing hearing Nov. 26. Plattsmouth police arrested Young on a warrant Dec. 25 and brought him to Cass County Jail.

Bear said she felt Young would benefit from a term on probation. She said a structured probation term would give her client the support he needed to overcome his substance abuse issues.

Smith ordered Young to serve 24 months on a Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision (SSAS) form of probation. Young must obtain a substance abuse evaluation and enroll in cognitive behavior classes as part of his probation. He must also complete 40 hours of community service, attend 12-step meetings and abstain from alcohol and drugs.

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