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WEEPING WATER – Buffalo Bill Cody, Annie Oakley and Frank Butler all made appearances in Weeping Water this week as part of the high school’s annual spring musical.

More than 50 Weeping Water students took part in two performances of “Annie Get Your Gun” in the school auditorium. Students debuted the musical Thursday night and appeared on stage in front of a large crowd Friday evening.

Director Kim Hammer told the audience before Friday night’s musical that everyone associated with the play had enjoyed the experience. She said that had helped them go from casting to production in less than two months.

“These kids are all great,” Hammer said. “I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

“Annie Get Your Gun” tells the story of Annie Oakley and Frank Butler, who were two of the most famous American sharpshooters of the late 1800s. They met in Cincinnati in November 1875 when Butler challenged anyone in the local area to a shooting match. Oakley was his opponent that day and went 25-of-25 on her attempts. Butler lost when he went 24-of-25.

The two soon began traveling together and married in August 1876. The marriage lasted for 50 years until their deaths in November 1926.

The famous composer Irving Berlin created music and lyrics for the original production of “Annie Get Your Gun” in 1946. Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II produced the musical for the next three years. It ran on Broadway from May 1946 to February 1949.

Weeping Water’s production featured Kaylee Tighe as Annie Oakley and Kayden Tummons as Frank Butler. Both sang numerous solos during the evening.

Others with major speaking roles included Tyge Thomas (Buffalo Bill Cody), Bobbi Ritzmann (Dolly Tate), Trey Lamkins (Tommy Keeler), Addi Bickford (Winnie Tate), Avery Heath (Charlie Davenport), Abbie Porter (Fontina Wilson), Luke Meredith (Chief Sitting Bull), Jamison Twomey (Jessie), Ciera Dieter (Nellie), Jacob Cover (Little Jake), Marcus Cave (Eagle Feather) and Carter Mogensen (Pawnee Bill).

Other students who performed on stage included Lauren Harms, Dawson Garner, Courtney Bockman, Keatyn Harrah, Aiden Linden, Ryan Smith, Jackson Flanagan, Natania French, Rebecca Adams, Levi Neumeister, Zack Smith, Lexi Ahrens, Brianna Lawson, Chrystal Meyer, Raphael Kirchmayr, Jessie Jordan, Peyton Barrett, Kelsi Vogler, Kole Brack, Jason Burch, Cory Groleau, Noah Patton, Reba Wilson, Zoe Houston, Grace Cave, Josie Cave, Taylor Essary, Abby Meeske, Karley Ridge, Brooklyn Rathe, Cadie Porter, Kiera Brack and Erin Redfern.

Hammer directed the play and Stacy Bickford was assistant director. Anna Murphy oversaw sound and publicity and Noah Morlan, Allanna Lackore and Clayton Cronk ran the lighting system.

David Meredith, Lauren Wehrbein and Dani Fouts were the set crew, Reagan Aronson helped with choreography and Joey Morlan and Izzie Kerr operated the curtain. Jordyn Bergman and Hailey Alt helped with makeup and hair and Lindsy Cronk worked with Tighe on outfits for Annie Oakley.

Murphy, Flanagan, Tummons, Porter, Kerr, Lamkins, Heath, Jacob Groleau, Addi Bickford, Shayden Jones, Samantha Hall, Brittney Meyer, Aiden Louden, Nathan Kelsey and Weeping Water teacher Douglas Jorn worked with the set design, building and painting. They created items for two acts and nine scenes of the musical.

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