Cass County Courthouse

PLATTSMOUTH – An Omaha woman who failed to complete multiple probation requirements entered a plea in Cass County District Court Monday morning.

Kylee S. Singletary, 25, admitted violating her probation during a court appearance in Plattsmouth. The plea agreement between the state and defense did not contain any sentencing recommendations.

Singletary began serving 12 months of probation in July 2018 after she pled guilty to a Class I misdemeanor charge of attempted possession of controlled substance-methamphetamine. Probation officials soon asked prosecutors to revoke her probation after they compiled a list of non-compliant actions.

Singletary missed nine mandatory drug tests in Plattsmouth between August and November 2018. A probation official visited Singletary’s home address but found she had moved without notifying authorities. Prosecutors asked for a warrant based on this failure to remain in contact with law enforcement.

Omaha police arrested Singletary in late April and transported her to Cass County Jail. She has remained in custody since then.

Defense attorney Julie Bear asked the court to reduce Singletary’s bond after the plea hearing was completed. Bear said Singletary’s current bond was $10,000, 10 percent. She said her client was unable to pay the $1,000 required to meet that bond, but she felt she could pay the $500 required to meet a bond of $5,000, 10 percent.

Cass County Attorney Colin Palm asked the court to keep the original $10,000, 10 percent bond in place. He said he was wary of having Singletary out of jail because of her previous behavior on probation. He said she had essentially disappeared from the probation program last summer and felt there was a good chance she would repeat those actions if she was out on bond.

“I don’t know that I have any confidence that she would come back,” Palm said.

Judge Michael Smith kept the bond at $10,000, 10 percent. He also set a sentencing date of July 29 for the probation violations.

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