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The Conestoga softball team ended the 2019 campaign 2-26. The Cougars finished the year with 107 hits, 56 runs batted in, 48 steals, 126 defensive assists and 13 double plays.

MURRAY – The Conestoga softball team completed the 2019 campaign 2-26. Morgan McAndrew, Mati Steckler, Jaelinn Victor, Shay Uhe, Naomi Wyant, Ali Uhe, Ali Gansemer, Makenzie Jones, MacKaylee Madsen, Emory Trofholz and Jameson Yost appeared in varsity games this season.


Conestoga finished the year with 107 hits, 80 runs scored and 56 runs batted in. The Cougars collected 533 at-bats and posted a team batting average of .235. CHS had 14 doubles, three triples, four home runs, 61 walks, five sacrifices and 13 hit-by-pitches.

McAndrew led Conestoga with a .375 batting average and .400 on-base percentage. She posted 24 hits, 17 runs, eight RBI, five doubles and one home run. She was also struck by one pitch.

Victor delivered a .370 batting average and .426 on-base percentage. She generated 20 hits, 14 runs, 15 RBI, four doubles, three triples, three home runs and one hit-by-pitch.

Shay Uhe helped the Cougars with a .346 batting average and .390 on-base percentage. She collected 18 hits, nine runs, nine RBI, two doubles and one hit-by-pitch.

Gansemer produced a .229 batting average and .350 on-base percentage. She ended the year with 11 hits, six runs, eight RBI, one double and nine walks.

Steckler (10), Ali Uhe (8), Wyant (7), Jones (4), Madsen (3) and Trofholz (2) added hits during the year for Conestoga. Steckler (9), Madsen (7), Jones (5), Ali Uhe (5), Wyant (5) and Trofholz (3) all scored runs, and Steckler (7), Wyant (4), Jones (2), Madsen (1), Trofholz (1) and Ali Uhe (1) had RBI totals.

Madsen and Steckler both led the Cougars with ten walks apiece. Gansemer (9), Wyant (7), Victor (6), Shay Uhe (5), Trofholz (4), Ali Uhe (4), McAndrew (4), and Jones (2) added walks.

Steckler made two sacrifices during the season. McAndrew, Shay Uhe and Yost all pitched in one sacrifice for the team.

Conestoga stole 48 bases during the year. Shay Uhe led CHS with ten steals. McAndrew and Wyant each made eight steals and Victor collected seven steals. Steckler (6), Gansemer (5), Jones (2), Madsen (1) and Ali Uhe (1) all added steals for the Cougars.


Conestoga had 653 fielding chances and ended the year with a team fielding percentage of .862. The Cougars made 125 infield assists, one outfield assist, 257 putouts and 13 double plays.

Madsen had the top fielding percentage of .973. She took 76 fielding attempts and made one outfield assist.

Steckler took the most fielding chances (109) and had 29 infield assists. She ended the year with a fielding percentage of .853. Shay Uhe led Conestoga with 35 infield assists on 70 chances.

McAndrew (22), Gansemer (15), Victor (12), Wyant (9), Trofholz (2) and Ali Uhe (1) all made infield assists for Conestoga. Steckler (55), Victor (51), Wyant (39), Madsen (26), McAndrew (20), Shay Uhe (16), Gansemer (16), Ali Uhe (15), Jones (11) and Trofholz (8) all registered putouts during the year.

Steckler was involved in five double plays and Ali Uhe was part of three double plays. Victor was involved in two double plays and Shay Uhe, Wyant and Gansemer all took part in one double play.

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