PLATTSMOUTH – Area runners wrapped up a full summer of racing Friday with the final event in this year’s Plattsmouth Cross Country Series.

Dozens of people traveled to Rhylander Park to take part in the fourth race of the series. More than 100 participants, family members and friends gathered in the park’s shelterhouse prior to the 5:30 p.m. race. They then either watched or ran in the five-kilometer activity.

Omaha South graduate Edrei Murillo captured first place with a time of 17:40. Felix Cruz-Tapin (18:09), Luke Coltret (18:26) and Adam Ali (18:35) finished second, third and fourth.

Friday’s race featured many high school athletes who wanted to continue preparing for the upcoming season. Elkhorn High School runners Maddie Yardley, Abby Metschke and Taylor Grasz were the fastest three females in the event. Plattsmouth High School athletes Elijah Dix, Kaleb Wooten and Sam Campin all broke 21:00 on the course.

Hundreds of runners will use Rhylander Park again in several weeks for the Plattsmouth High School Invite. Girls and boys will begin racing at 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 3. The Blue Devils will host teams from Auburn, Blair, Conestoga, Elkhorn Mount Michael, Fort Calhoun, Gretna, Omaha Duchesne, Omaha North, Platteview and South Sioux City.

5K Results

1-17:40 Edrei Murillo

2-18:09 Felix Cruz-Tapin

3-18:26 Luke Coltret

4-18:35 Adam Ali

5-18:47 Daniel Pierce

6-19:01 Aaron Newton

7-19:05 Alex Elizarraga

8-19:27 John Tripp

9-19:47 Zac Baswell

10-20:08 Jose Lara

11-20:13 Nick Wayman

12-20:24 Elijah Dix

13-20:37 Micah Judds

14-20:45 Trevin Beckman

15-20:57 Kaleb Wooten

16-20:58 Sam Campin

17-21:10 Luke Buttry

18-21:11 Luke Hunsberger

19-21:14 Maddie Yardley

20-21:34 Saloh Hilowle

21-21:35 Mathew Coe

22-21:37 Storm Barrett

23-21:41 Abby Metschke

24-21:43 Taylor Grasz

25-21:44 Jason Babcock

26-21:49 Caleb Davis

27-21:58 Jacob Zitek

28-22:59 C.J. Wiseman

29-22:15 Ethan Walters

30-22:17 Vanessa Neri

31-22:24 Lorena Ramirez

32-22:26 Aliaiare Hobbs

33-22:42 Tristan Rainey

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34-23:01 Jeremy Havekost

35-23:02 Jesus Alvarez

36-23:03 Grace Lamski

37-23:08 Ron Lampe

38-23:11 Jessica Faertes

39-23:12 Angie Gomez

40-23:52 Chris Thull

41-24:12 Carson Ripley

42-24:14 Paige Day

43-24:34 Corinne Mead

44-24:39 Perry Linn

45-24:45 Angee Nott

46-24:46 Lillian Knudtson

47-25:18 Ethan Warrick

48-25:19 Patrick Dovenbarger

49-25:38 Andrea Buttry

50-25:39 Darek Reicks

51-26:19 Carter Buttry

52-26:34 Emma Robinson

53-26:40 Ian Kalagias

54-26:41 Meghan Cunningham

55-27:10 Ethan Moore

56-27:34 Kyle Beam

57-27:35 Jack Cotton

58-27:59 Trinity Rowley

59-28:02 Betsy Barr

60-28:10 Mariana Hdez

61-28:15 Greg Wayman

62-28:17 Collette Sneau

63-28:21 Neily De La Cruz

64-28:22 Andrea King

65-28:54 Madison McLaughlin

66-29:30 Savannah Hall

67-29:56 Jolie Dix

68-29:58 Bridget Swan

69-29:29 Kylie Fredrick

70-31:37 Jazie Hendrickson

71-32:46 Dane Meyer

72-33:22 Al Schroeder

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