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The Louisville volleyball team ended the 2019 campaign 20-11. The Lions finished the year with 845 kills, 1,518 digs and 187 aces.

LOUISVILLE – The Louisville volleyball team finished the 2019 season 20-11. Jade Biesterfeld, Faye Jacobsen, Maddy Nolte, Cassidy Niemoth, Laura Swanson, Skyler Pollock, McKenzie Norris, Sagan Leach, Lea Kalkowski, Brooke Smith and Ava Culver appeared in varsity matches this fall.


Louisville finished the campaign with 845 kills and a .203 team hitting percentage. The Lions took 2,714 attacks and made kills on 31.1 percent of their swings.

Jacobsen led Louisville with 290 kills and a .456 hitting percentage. She collected kills on 51.1 percent of her 568 swings.

Niemoth contributed 214 kills for Louisville on 745 swings. Biesterfeld posted 181 kills on 673 attempts and Nolte made 94 kills on 337 swings. Norris (40), Kalkowski (17), Smith (7), Pollock (1) and Culver (1) all added kills for the Lions.

Kalkowski guided Louisville’s offense with 748 assists. Norris (21), Pollock (6), Niemoth (5), Jacobsen (3), Nolte (2) and Smith (2) added assists during the season.


Louisville collected 24 solo and 67 assisted blocks this year. Jacobsen led the squad with 12 solo and 20 assisted blocks. Nolte produced ten solo and 13 assisted blocks, and Biesterfeld generated two solo and 13 assisted blocks.

Norris (9), Kalkowski (7), Niemoth (4) and Smith (1) all made assisted blocks for Louisville in the team’s matches.

The Lions ended the year with 1,518 digs. The team averaged 18.7 digs per game and 49.0 digs per match.

Niemoth (339), Jacobsen (309), Pollock (229), Biesterfeld (214), Norris (211) and Kalkowski (186) all registered triple-digit dig totals. Smith (22) and Nolte (8) added digs during the season.


Louisville took 1,822 serves this season and posted a team serving percentage of .926. The Lions registered 187 aces.

Norris led the Lions with a .952 serving percentage. She took 291 attempts and carded 21 aces. Kalkowski posted a .946 serving percentage. She made 204 serves and had 14 aces.

Jacobsen delivered a .936 serving percentage and 22 aces on 266 attempts. Pollock tallied a .931 serving percentage and 44 aces on 375 tries, and Niemoth produced a .924 serving percentage and 48 aces on 353 attempts. Biesterfeld compiled a .878 serving percentage and 35 aces on 303 attempts.

Smith (24), Culver (3) and Leach (3) all took serve attempts for the Lions. Smith made two aces and Leach had one ace.

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