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Bergan vs Ravenna

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Archbishop Bergan's Nick Jensen shoots a pull-up jumper in between Ravenna's Connor Beranek, left, and Brett Douglas, right, during the third quarter of their C2 state championship game at the Devaney Center on Saturday. Ravenna defeated Bergan 57-51. (Matt Gade/Fremont Tribune)

Fremont Bergan vs Ravenna

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Archbishop Bergan's Josh Boggs is pressured by a Ravenna defender during the first half of the C2 state championship game at the Devaney Center. Ravenna won 57-51. (Matt Gade/Fremont Tribune)

Fremont Bergan vs Ravenna

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Archbishop Bergan's Tanner Werth shoots over the defense of Ravenna's Sean Payne in the first half of their C2 state championship game at the Devaney Center. Ravenna won 57-51. (Matt Gade/Fremont Tribune)

Idol Time: Leeanna Ellis

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GRAPHIC - Leeanna Ellis

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Idol Time: Lilly Scott goes home in Idol shocker

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The Top 12 Idol contestants have been revealed. Not among this talented group of singers -- indie artist Lilly Scott.

The elimination came down to Lilly and 17-year-old Katie Stevens. Two complete opposites. Lilly definitely knows who she is as an artist. Katie has yet to find her niche. I would have thought Katie was going home. It seemed like a no-brainer. Why would they put her with Lilly. To me, it made it obvious Katie was going home. I should have known better. Idol producers live for that shock value. Much like when Daughtry was sent packing in favor of Taylor Hicks, Katherine McPhee and Elliot Yamin.

Lilly joins Katelyn Epperly, Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert on the trip home. I sort of expected Alex could be among those eliminated. I thought maybe Todrick had saved himself. Katelyn just picked the wrong song as did Lilly. Alex, even with a good performance, just had no personality. That's kind of important.

The Top 12 have a lot to prove. They better bring it because the first theme week features the music of The Rolling Stones. That's some big shoes to fill. Let's hope they can amaze us.


What others commented on this blog:

Dan J:

I cannot believe that Lilly went home. Her singing, her presentation, her personality--all stronger and better than half the female singers who stayed. Very messed up situation.


I think Idol is rigged...Lilly was definitely the better of the two...and probably one of the best on that show...I will not be watching anymore..Lilly was definitely the best..if she comes out with a cd after this i will definitely be buying it..thank you Lilly i enjoyed watching idol because of you

It really pissed me off that Lilly and Katelyn both got sent home. That Didi Benime or whatever, has about as much talent as I do. And Lacey Brown went through as did that 16 year old Katie. You got to be kidding me. And yes I did vote for both the other girls. Idol voters have to be retarded to have let those two (Lilly and Katelyn) not get through. Oh well now the only real competition between the girls is Crystal and Siphion (don't know how to spell it but u know who I mean). The other 4 girls will go before them. I guarantee.

Lilly Scott is out. The premise of this "competition" is that you, (the viewing audience) needs to pick up the phone, dial a number and vote for their contestant of choice. Did millions of people pick the only number NOT busy this week just to get their vote registered? Apathy? Don't own a phone? WOW! Too bad that real talent has to go packing!!

Idol Expert:
Big shocker. Lilly Scott was one of my top three girls. She's unique and has a self-awareness that is so lacking in Katie Stevens. Lilly's song choice this week was probably her downfall even though I liked it. I'll miss you Lilly.

As for the other three who left last night, I guess Katelyn's dismissal would be the other one that maybe caught me off guard. Just by taking the last three weeks of Katelyn and Lacey, I definitely would have sent Lacey home.

As for the boys, I guess America heard Todrick's very weak Queen performance as I did and sent him packing. And I think everyone did a big favor for mullet boy when they said see ya later. He's just not ready.

Rolling Stones week will be oh so very interesting. Talk about song selection and choosing the right one. Yikes. I'm expecting a 'crash and burn' night for quite a few of the remaining 12.

Never could understand why people were so shocked over Daughtry being eliminated, he had been in the bottom three most weeks. He was really hyped though since he signed with 19E and some others did not.
Real snooze fest this year.

Are you kidding me? Lily may have had her own style and had a few good weeks, but her performance this week was completely forgettable. Bad song, boring performance.

You need to nail it each week if you want to survive on idol.

JJ Morgan:
They got the girls wrong, and the guys right..
Hmm..Stones..Big Mike doing Tumbling Dice? Andrew doing Angie? Crystal doing Aint' To Proud to Beg?

Idol Time: Is Crystal Bowersox the next Idol?

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Simon made it clear tonight after Crystal Bowersox's performance that she is the clear cut favorite.

At this point, I have to agree with him. She's got the confidence she needed and she knows who she is as an artist. She should be recording an album now. She is definitely the one to beat. I don't think there's anyone even close to her, not even one of the guys.

Here's what I thought about tonight's performances.

Katie Stevens (Breakaway) -- I don't know what this poor girl has to do to please the judges. She's taken their advice every time. Tonight, she didn't sound old. Her voice is one of the best, but I think being in the number one spot and having an OK performance is going to put her in jeopardy.

Siobhan Magnus (House of the Rising Sun) -- She's powering her way to be one of the front runners and quickly one of my favorites. The beginning of the song was haunting and it was just a powerful, awesome performance.

Lacey Brown (The Story) -- Good song choice for her voice. A very cool sound. This is why she's here. Best performance to date.

Katelyn Epperly (I Feel the Earth Move) -- Not my favorite performance from her. It was a little boring. Standing at the keyboard was kind of cheesy. I hope she's safe though because I love her voice.

Didi Benami (Rhiannon) -- The style of song fit her voice perfectly. This is what she showed us during Hollywood week. Her best performance yet, but is it enough?

Paige Miles (Smile) -- It's a great song, but she just butchered it. I don't care how emotional the song makes you, if you can't get through the song you shouldn't sing it. It was weak. She just can't pick the right song. I think it finally caught up with her. She should be going home.

Crystal Bowersox (Give Me One Reason) -- Another solid performance from an already seasoned performer. Awesome.

Lilly Scott (I Fall to Pieces) -- I totally disagree with the judges on this one. I didn't get it. It seemed whiny and the squinty eye thing was kind of annoying. I like the original better. She's had way better performances than this one.

Top 3: Crystal, Siobhan and Didi.

Going home: Katie Stevens and Paige Miles.

Idol notes
* Simon Cowell was on "The Tonight Show" Monday night. He wouldn't confirm his engagement to girlfriend Mezghan Hussainy, but did say he thought Adam Lambert should have won Idol last season.
* A Los Angeles man has plead guilty to stalking Ryan Seacrest.
* Scott MacIntyre and Matt Giraud will perform on Thursday's kick off show.


What others commented on this blog:

Idol Expert:

Crystal, Siobhan and Lilly. There are your top three girls. As for the rest - yawn. It just doesn't matter because there is a huge gap between them and my top three.
Katie - she's young but has a voice beyond her years. But that voice still needs a bit more time. Plus her stage presence could use a lot of work. She has that deer in the headlights quality on stage - stiff and scared.
Lacey and Didi - last night we saw the best that they can give. I don't think they have anything else left to show. This program is about showing growth week in and week out. But one if not both will probably stick around for a week or two longer.
Katelyn - Wrong song. The best the judges could say about her is that her hair matched Carole King's. Her voice and delivery of the song didn't even come close. But again, she's safe for the time being.
Paige - She really blew it last night. There's nothing positive that can be said about what she did.
I loved what Siobhan, Crystal and Lilly did. Probably the weakest of the three would be Lilly because doing a Patsy Cline song is always a risk. But she stayed true to herself and it shouldn't hurt her too much.
Crystal is authentic and honest. Love her.
Going home - Paige and toss-up between Lacey and Katie.

JJ Morgan:
Gotta agree here.. Crystal, Siobahn were great, Siobahn's acapella opening to "House of the Rising Sun" was, further down the line, she needs to go all Bo Bice on the field, and do the entire song acapella! Thought Didi was nice on "Rhiannon" as well.. Katie and Paige..buh bye!

Leeanna Ellis:
I don't know what some of the guys were thinking tonight when they sang, but right now they're all looking up at Michael Lynche. Big Mike blew every guy out of the water tonight, even some of the other favorites.

I felt most of the guys were playing it safe. And if they weren't, they just couldn't compare to what Big Mike had to offer.

Here's what I thought of the Top 8 guys:

Lee Dewyze (Firefly) -- Not as good as last week. He still made it his own and showed that rocker sound. He should be safe.

Alex Lambert (Trouble) -- He sounded good. He's got a distinct voice, but he still needs CONFIDENCE!!! Side note: I love his dimples.

Tim Urban (Hallelujah) -- His best performance yet, but others have done better with it. Maybe a little too late.

Andrew Garcia (Genie in a Bottle) -- He's been looking for that "Straight Up" magic and still hasn't found it. It was campy. Maybe he should try singing a song performed by a guy instead of all these songs recorded by women.

Casey James (You'll Think of Me) -- It was a sleepy performance until towards the end. Nothing really special, but he sounded good.

Aaron Kelly (I'm Already There) -- I couldn't really understand what he was singing at the beginning. It was very pitchy, but had some good moments. He'll be safe.

Todrick Hall (Somebody to Love) -- The falsetto at the beginning was weird. The rest of the song was great. He took a classic rock song and made it a gospel song. Very good. Simon's right ... I think he's a Broadway performer.

Michael Lynche (This Woman's Work) -- WOW. I'm mean what else can you say. He's put himself out there. He's the one to beat. The best performance on the show by anyone to date.

Top 3 -- Michael Lynche and way behind him is Todrick Hall and Lee Dewyze.

Going home -- Tim Urban for sure. I think Andrew Garcia should. His schtick is getting kind of old, but he'll be safe. I'd say it's between Alex Lambert and Aaron Kelly.

Idol Expert:
I'm so ready for this round of Idol to be over and so hoping that the Top 12 will be better. Won't take much.

I guess everyone LOVED Big Mike last night. I thought it was O.K. but I believe he has so much more in him. I'm waiting for that.

Also, I don't get the huge praise that Todrick got. He sang Freddie Mercury and I don't think he sang it as well or better (very, very few do). As for the gospel part, I didn't get it. He's a two range singer - he has a high range and a low range and nothing in between. I'm wondering if one of the judges will say tonight that after listening to his performance back on TV that he sounded not as good as in person.

I thought Lee held his own especially singing in the #1 spot. He's so cool and his confidence showed through last night.

As for what's left, there's not much separation between them. Yeah, Alex was better but he's stiff as a board and I just can't look at that mullet one more time.

I heard Tim's voice for the first time last night. Can he deliver that voice again? Not too many songs can compare to Hallelujah.

I didn't think Andrew's performance was all that bad. I like his reggae (I sure hope I spelled that correctly) vibe, but please choose a different 'gender' of song; maybe some Van Morrison. Possibly Moon Dance? Hope you're around to do that.

Casey is Casey. I don't think he will fare very well when theme nights come up. I think people will get bored with him quickly.

Aaron choose a song way too big for him. He had some fine moments but all in all he was all over the place. Like Katie Stevens, his best years are in front of him.

Now how did America vote? They probably voted with the judges and will keep Lee, Todrick and Mike.

Who goes home? Based on the past three weeks and not on just what happened last night, I hope Alex and Tim leave even though they did improve a bit. Just maybe a little too late.

Please save my Andrew. He's got the goods.

Idol Time: Medical issues on Idol force change

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If you tuned in to American Idol on Tuesday night and thought it was Wednesday -- relax -- you didn't miss the girls performances.

Contestant Crystal Bowersox had to be taken to the hospital for "undisclosed medical issues." Ryan Seacrest said under doctors orders she was not allowed to perform tonight, so the guys performed tonight instead.

For the most part, every guy improved on their performance from last week. (Although, that shouldn't have been too hard considering what they offered last week.)

For me, the top performers tonight were Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly.

Here's what I thought about the performances:

Michael Lynche (This Is A Man's World) -- I like this soulful R&B side of Big Mike. Crazy better than his performance last week. He should be around for a while.

John Park (Gravity) -- There was nothing special about this performance. There's no doubting he has a great voice, but I didn't like it. Wrong song choice again.

Casey James (I Don't Wanna Be) -- When you've got the original to think about and then several former contestants have sung this song too... that's a lot it can be compared with. And I'm sorry, but Bo Bice sang the heck out of this song in season four. It was just an OK performance. BTW, does anyone else think sometimes he sounds like a sheep when he sings? Sometimes that vibrato goes a little too far.

Alex Lambert (Everybody Knows) -- WOW!!! Probably the biggest turn around from last week. Great sound, good performance. But will somebody please get this boy a haircut!! The mullet is not in style nor should it have ever been!

Todrick Hall (What's Love Got to Do With it) -- Um ... as Simon would say ... I thought it was indulgent. I just didn't like it all. Very disappointing.

Jermaine Sellers (What's Going On) -- Very karaoke version of the original. Chorus was OK but ick!

Andrew Garcia (You Give Me Something) -- I totally disagreed with the judges. He sounded very current. Just a good performance.

Aaron Kelly (My Girl) -- Perfect song to make the tweens scream. He could be this year's David Archuleta, but with a much better voice. Awesome performance.

Tim Urban (Come On Get Higher) -- Better than last week, but so was everyone else. Not up to par.

Lee Dewyze (Lips of an Angel) -- Perfect song choice. The changes in the song were good. He sounds a lot like the lead singer of Hinder. I really liked it. He's definitely a front runner.

Going home on Thursday: Tim Urban and John Park.

What others commented on this blog:


you must be kidding if you think that kelly guy has a better voice than david archuleta... he has nothing of the range, emotion, poise, take your pick, but the kool aid idol has been trying to force the media to drink in trying to compare/contrast these two needs to end. kelly is more a country justin beiber - nice to look at, no musical depth.
this is the most mediocre group of idol contestants i've seen in 7 full seasons of watching, bar none. these guys wish they were half as good as some of idol's worst contestants, and lord knows any comparisons, or pronouncements of any of them being ''better'' than someone of archuleta's caliber is laughable.
this was the week in 2008 when he sang a brilliant and still lauded version of ''imagine''. compare kelly, or anyone tonight to that performance and keep a straight face, or your nose from growing.

Idol Expert:

Bookends - that's what last night was about. A solid front and back. Solid, but not great.
First up, the front end of the bookends, Big Mike. Good job, nothing overwhelming, but definitely nothing that will put him in danger of being voted off. He was a bit 'theatric' and didn't get called out for it in the way that Adam was last year. Interesting.
Last up, the back end, bad boy gone good Lee. I liked it a lot, but he has left himself plenty of room for improvement. I think he's the dark horse that will only get better and better each week.
What's in between these two bookends? Judging by what I heard last night, a bunch of mediocre. Yeah, a few of them made improvements from the previous week, but they had no where to go but up.
Out of that bunch I think Andrew, Casey and Aaron will be safe. And then there's Tim and Alex who will pull in the little girl vote. That leaves John Todrick and Jermaine to battle it out for the bottom two. It's a toss up.
C'mon girls. Step it up tonight. I'm still waiting for that 'a-ha' moment.

Leeanna Ellis:
Taylor... by no means was I saying David Archuleta was bad. He has a good voice. And I agree "Imagine" was probably one of his best performance. I was just saying that Aaron Kelly was going to get the vote from the tween girls like Archuleta did. I didn't really care much for Archuleta. I am David Cook fan. And I just like Aaron's voice more than Archuleta.

I agree that the Bo Bice version was much, much better. And yeah..too much vibrato and kinda nasal.... Casey just doesn't have a great sound IMO.

ellen sucks, whoever came up with the idea she knows anything about music. If you listen , she just repeats what one or more judges say. She just puts it into her own words. I am having a real difficult time enjoying idol this season, and its not because of the singers!

Leeanna ELLIS:
The top 10 girls had a tough act to follow after the guys performed. Some of the girls delivered, some didn't and some still have something to prove.

My top three were Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Siobhan Magnus.

Here's what I thought about tonight's choices.

Crystal Bowersox (Long as I can See the Light) -- It was good to see her there to perform. One report I read said she is recovering from diabetes complications. That being said, she blew the roof off of that studio and made Simon eat his words. Incredible vocals on a powerful performance. I really liked it.

Haeley Vaughn (The Climb) -- I really liked her early on... but now it's apparent she just needs more time to grow. They should have let her go to audition next year. Pitch problems, pitch problems, pitch problems. Plus, it's tough to go up against Miley Cyrus.

Lacey Brown (Kiss Me) -- This song is definitely her vibe... perfect for her. Hopefully she can find more songs like it.

Katie Stevens (Put Your Records On) -- How young do the judges want her to go? There aren't that many choices for her under 20 ... and please not Taylor Swift ... although maybe she could improve some of her songs. (Sorry Taylor Swift fans.) Nice mix between the low and high registers. Great voice.

Didi Benami (Lean On Me) -- She changed the song a bit, but very karaoke. I thought the judges were a little too harsh on her critique.

Michelle Delamor (With Arms Wide Open) -- It was different -- a risk -- but it seemed like the key was too high. It was OK for me.

Lilly Scott (A Change Is Gonna Come) -- Her voice is so unique she could probably sing the phone book and make it sound interesting. Great performance.

Katelyn Epperly (The Scientist) -- AMAZING! She had a moment. She connected with the song. I didn't think it was that slow. Great performance. Her best so far.

Paige Miles (Walk Away) -- I liked it, but it was just OK. I like Kelly Clarkson's version better.

Siobahn Magnus (Think) -- WOW!! When she started I thought it was going to be karaoke like, but was I wrong. That note she hit was incredible. One of the best of the night!

Going home on Thursday: Haeley Vaughn and Didi Benami.

Idol Expert:
Finally I have some hope that this season of AI won't be a total bust. Some of these girls can sing and evoke an emotion.
Top three by far - Crystal, Lilly and Siobhan. But I found someone last night for the first time and her name is Paige. She has a great voice but oh so wrong song choices.
I was so afraid that Crystal was going to be disqualifed due to her inability to perform last night (or so said the rumors on the web yesterday). She's incredible. She doesn't put on the pretty clothes and do up the hair and make-up. She's real, unpretentious and God-gifted talented.
Siobhan just blew the roof off even without that 'note'. Again, she's authentic and doesn't play to that pretty girl thing.
Lilly - dear, quiet little Lilly. She just stands there and delivers a great song. Truly talented and quirky at the same time.
All Paige needs is that one great song that shows her voice and connects. She has it in her.
Middle ground - Katie and Katelyn. Their voices are O.K. but I can't help but think of Kat McPhee. Pretty girls/big voices. Nothing new.
What's left of the rest - Hailey is too young and should not have been put through; she needs aging. Lacey is just boring. Didi sounds like she's forcing it. Michelle is confusing to me.
Based on last night I would send Hailey and Lacey home. I think they showed the least improvement from the previous week.

Leeanna Ellis:
Before I talk about those ousted I just have to say: Enough with the group performances on kick off day. Its lip synced and bad TV. Even the contestants look like they're embarrassed to be lip syncing.
I got two of the four right.
Going home: John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn.
Let's hope next week gets even better!!

Idol time: Week 1 performances

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The girls took the stage for the first time.

Each chose songs from Billboard Charts hits. Song choice was weak. Only a few chose the right song for them. It will be interesting to see how the voting turns out. It could be close between all of them.

After the first performance, I'd have to put Lilly Scott out front, with Katie Stevens a near second. Even though Katie got a bad review from the judges, she definitely has a powerful voice that I think could carry her far into the competition.

Here's what I thought of tonight's performances.

Paige Miles (It's Alright Now) -- She started off the night with a bad song choice. She sounded better in the Hollywood week clip they showed, but she did have some nice moments in the song. I'd like to hear more from her because we haven't heard hardly anything from her.

Ashley Rodriguez (Happy) -- It was a bad imitation of Leona Lewis. A little whiny in spots. A couple of bright spots maybe.

Janell Wheeler (What About Love) -- Not a good song choice. She didn't really showcase her voice.

Lilly Scott (Fixing A Hole) -- The first to really get the song choice right. She showed off the bluesy sound she has.

Katelyn Epperly (Oh Darling) -- Good performance. A bit of a quirky sound. An interesting voice.

Haeley Vaughn (I Want to Hold Your Hand) -- A unique interpretation of the song. A bit screechy at times.

Lacey Brown (Landslide) -- It's a good song, but not when sung by her. I didn't like her interpretation. I felt it was all over the place.

Michelle Delamor (Fallin') -- It's a big song and artist to be compared to, but she did a good job of making it her own.

Didi Benami (The Way I Am) -- I totally disagreed with the judges. I thought it was the perfect song for her voice. She definitely knows herself as an artist.

Siobhan Magnus (Wicked Games) -- Great voice. She connected with the song. It's a hard song to sing and I thought it was great choice. I think people will remember her more for the Hollywood Week final performance though.

Crystal Bowersox (Hand in My Pocket) -- Not the song I would have picked for her, but she sang it well. I love the guitar/harmonica playing. She does the hippie chick thing well.

Katie Stevens (Feeling Good) -- She has an incredibly powerful voice for a 17 year old. The judges were right. The song was too old for her, but there's no denying she has an amazing voice.

Men are up next and they better bring it. Simon said this is the girls' year and he may just be right.


Here's what others have commented on this blog:

Idol Expert: 

Were you all as bored as I was? I heard some great voices, but song choice was horrible or indulgent as Simon would say.
Favorites - Lilly Scott, Siobhan Magnus and Crystal Bowersox. They really need to find more unorthodox songs. If they can deliver them, these are definitely your top three girls.
In trouble - Haeley Vaughn and Katie Stevens. Their age showed last night. They are talented beyond their years, but still have some growing to do. Lacey Brown's song choice was so wrong. But she definitely wasn't alone.
The rest - They were just O.K. No one stood out more than the other.
Have to agree with the judges for the most part. Too many of the girls (including my top three) sound too much like what's out there right now. These judges want to hear something different. Like Simon told Crystal, maybe choose a David Bowie song. They want to hear something familiar that sounds totally different but good. Example - David Cook and Adam Lambert. The one(s) who do that will then be given the big push by the judges.
P.S. How bored does Simon look to you? Definitely time for him to move on.

Leeanna Ellis:

Overall, tonight the guys were weak. Only a few stood out for me. It still comes down to song choice. I'm sure for those that make it through the next few weeks, they'll get better with their choices.

The favorites tonight were Casey James and Lee Dewyze. Both proved why they were chosen. The others... well they still have a lot to prove.

Todrick Hall (Since U Been Gone) -- Sounded totally different from Kelly Clarkson's version. I'm on the fence about it. Parts of it I liked, others I didn't.

Aaron Kelly (Here Comes Goodbye) -- Good performance. Great voice for just 16. He needs some confidence though.

Jermaine Sellers (Get Here) -- Started too softly then I felt like he was shouting.

Tim Urban (Apologize) -- Copycat performance and not as good as the original. Yikes!

Joe Munoz (You and I Both) -- Good performance but nothing really special about it.

Tyler Grady (American Woman) -- He's definitely got the 70s vibe, but it just doesn't jive when you don't have good vocals. BAD song choice.

Lee Dewyze (Chasing Cars) -- A nice surprise since we hadn't heard from him before. Great sound.

John Park (God Bless the Child) -- Didn't connect with the song. Not really that great. Mikayla Gordon from a few years ago did it much better.

Michael Lynche (This Love) -- I like him. He had a few nice moments, but eh... average.

Alex Lambert (It's A Wonderful World) -- No stage presence at all. Bad mullet. Not great... NERVES!!

Casey James (Heaven) -- One of the better performances of the night. Singing aside... I'm tired of the Kara/Casey thing... he just looks so confused about it and Kara just sounds pathetic!

Andrew Garcia (Sugar We're Going Down) -- He changed it up, but we've heard him sound better with "Straight Up" during Hollywood week. That could be hard to top.

Going home on Thursday:
Girls -- Lacey Brown and Haeley Vaughn
Guys -- Alex Lambert and Tim Urban

Idol Expert:

Yeah, I know, it's the first night. But what's up with this? What was that mess I heard coming from my TV last night? And no, I wasn't watching women's 2-man bobsled (at least, not until later).
Let me put it simply - only two performers I think are totally safe and they are Lee Dewyze and Casey James and even with them, there's plenty of room for improvement.
My guy Andrew Garcia - hey guy, really, really, REALLY bad song choice. You are the cream of this crop and you need to be smarter. Should be safe though.
Weakest of the night, let's see - probably the Urban and Lambert dudes followed closely by Sellers (who I had really high hopes for).
As for the rest - boring, boring, boring. Bring back theme nights quick! These guys (and girls) are choosing current music (for the most part) and not doing themselves any favors.
Next week we will see who took the critiques and used them to their advantage. That's when we should see who's in it to win it.

I agree that theme nights would probably push them to choose songs that might surprise everyone. They have basically given them the opportunity to choose any song they want, and that just leaves it too open. Theme night pushes them out of their comfort zone a little bit.
I sick of the judges, though. They tell them to change the song up and make it their own, but when they do that, the criticize.
Could Simon look any more bored? You can almost see the thought bubble above his head "Is this season over?", and all of the judges just seem to say the same thing every time.
Overall, I am disappointed in this season. If it doesn't get more interesting soon, they may lose this viewer!

Leeanna Ellis:
I would say I'm not surprised about who got sent home, but I'm more surprised as to who isn't going home. Tim Urban looked shocked when Ryan Seacrest told him to sit down, he was safe. He had a look of bewilderment on his face. America must have seen something in him to give him another chance. This is the second time he'll be performing when he wasn't supposed to be there at all. He better prove America right.
Going home tonight: Janell Wheeler, Ashley Rodriguez, Joe Munoz and Tyler Grady.
It's probably a good thing Tyler is going home now. His 70s act would have worn thin. It's too bad for Ashley and Joe. I don't think they got as much face time as the others. Janell just picked the wrong song and sometimes that will come back to bite you.
BTW... what was Allison Iraheta on? I enjoyed listening to her last year and her song tonight I thought was a little dark for someone her age. But she just seemed like she had too much caffeine or something.

Idol Expert:
Did it really matter who went home last night? Out of 24 contestants, I think maybe six of them have a real chance of winning this thing judging by how they performed this week.
I guess the most surprising elimination was probably that pseudo-rocker guy. I thought what he was trying to be would keep him around for a few weeks. His voice definitely wasn't going to.
The two eliminated girls had their moments earlier in the competition, but couldn't pull it off when it counted. But there were others who easily could have been in their place.
There's just one thing I hope for this year - that we are not going to keep the non-talented 'cute' ones around while the better performers are sent home. I'm afraid that could easily happen by what I saw last night.
Have to agree with you Heather though. If they don't step it up rather quickly, I will not be rushing to tune in each week. Here's hoping theme weeks will help with that.

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