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Nebraska offensive lineman Nick Gates (68) warms up during football practice at Hawks Championship Center. Gates is hoping the Huskers can have a strong final month of the season.

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Community enjoys open house at YMCA

Each year as the calendar turns to January the Fremont Family YMCA’s doors open to the community as a way to showcase all of the organization’s various services and facilities.

This year, the annual open house was held from noon to 8 p.m. on Tuesday where community members could stop by to take advantage of free ice skating and swimming, attend sports clinics, or just check out all of the facilities by way of a staff guided tour.

“We have five indoor tennis courts, so if you are a tennis player or are interested in getting into the sport we have plenty of space for you,” Jeremy Winn, Chief Operating Officer of Fremont Family YMCA, told prospective members while giving a tour of the facility on Tuesday. “Down this hall we have our ice rink and the future aquatic center, and when that opens we will actually be the biggest YMCA in the world.”

This year the event was moved from its usual day and time closer to the start of the year to hopefully allow people still on holiday break and those looking to stick to their new year’s resolution of going to the gym a chance to see what the YMCA offers, said YMCA Membership and Marketing Director Mike Robinson.

“Normally we have done this on a Sunday from noon to 4 p.m., and this year we decided to try something new,” Robinson said. “So we decided to do it right at the beginning of the year when everyone is still on break and it’s been a great turnout.”

During the open house event, the YMCA also offered free day passes and waived $40 joiner fees for those who signed up for memberships throughout the day.

“We have a lot of kids that are here throughout Christmas break, as soon as the kids wake up they come rolling in, so their parents are happy today to save at least $4,” Robinson said. “It also gives us a chance to talk with them and give them information about membership, because if they are interested and going to be here a lot it’s definitely worth it to get a membership.”

According to Robinson, the Fremont Family YMCA’s youth membership rates are the lowest in the state at $14.50 per month, and will continue to be even with a yearly rate increase moving the price to an even $15 in 2018.

Those that missed the membership deals during the open house still have the opportunity to save on a yearlong membership as the YMCA is offering 2017 membership rates through January 18th when yearly rate increases kick in.

“Anyone who signs up before that date will still get 2017 rates, so they can still save a few dollars,” Robinson said.

Through January 18th, YMCA’s membership fees will be $33 for young adults (ages 18-22), $44.75 for adults (ages 23 and older) and $33 for seniors (ages 65 and over). The Fremont Family YMCA also offers a variety of family and household memberships.

With the Dillon Family Aquatic Center nearing completion and projected to open for business in February, the open house also allowed YMCA staff to prepare for an increase in members ready to take advantage of the new $15.3 million, 30,000 square-foot facility when it opens.

“We are trying to get as many people in as we can and get a good push before that (Dillon Family YMCA Aquatic Center) even opens, so that we can be acclimated before that happens,” Robinson said.

While the open house event serves as an opportunity for the YMCA to bolster its membership base, which already sits at over 10,400 members, it also allowed local families to come enjoy the ice rink in Sidner Ice Arena for free from 1-3 p.m.

During the three-hour free skate event hundreds of kids and families smiled as they swooshed around the smooth, slick icy surface.

“Our free-skate events are always popular and today is no different, everybody loves to come out and hit the ice,” Winn said.

More information about the Fremont Family YMCA’s facilities, programs, memberships, and rates can be found on their website

Sam Pimper / Sam Pimper, Fremont Tribune  

Jeremy Winn, former vice president of the Fremont Family YMCA, started serving as the non-profit organization’s Chief Operations Officer Dec. 1. Winn has been a Fremont Family YMCA employee for the past 18 years.

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Follow these cold weather tips

Temperatures will be a little warmer this week.

But don’t dismiss the cold weather precautions.

That’s the advice of a meteorologist with the National Weather Service, Omaha/Valley.

“It’s not going to be quite as cold as it has been these past several days,” said lead meteorologist Byron Miller.

“But still — it is wintertime.”

Area residents can expect cold temperatures on Wednesday night.

“It looks like Wednesday night would be the coldest temperatures around the area — zero to 10 below,” he said. “Otherwise, temperatures generally zero to 10 above for lows.”

High temperatures will be mostly in the 10- to 20-degree range through the week through Friday.

“It does look like it will turn warmer on the weekend,” Miller said.

High temperatures probably will be in the 20s on Saturday and potentially in the lower 30s by Sunday.

“But we do have a weather disturbance moving through the region on the weekend that could bring some rain and snow to the area,” Miller said.

With such things in mind, Miller recommends that residents take precautions.

“Have a winter survival kit in your vehicle,” he said. “Make sure your vehicle is in good condition. Have appropriate clothing with you — hat, gloves, normal winter stuff.”

In dressing for extremely cold weather, the NWS advises wearing:

Three layers or more of clothing (including 1 insulating) on the top half of the body. The outer layer/coat should keep out wind.

Two layers or more of clothing on the bottom half of the body.

Warm hat.

Face mask.


Waterproof boots.

The weather service warns residents to guard against hypothermia, a health hazard that occurs when the body temperature drops too much.

Of the 1,300 people killed by hypothermia each year – most are senior citizens, according to the National Institute of Aging, but some are children and young adults.

Signs of hypothermia can include:



Difficulty speaking.

Stiff muscles.


If you’re trying to help someone who may have hypothermia:

First, call an ambulance.

Lie close to the person and cover both of you with thick blankets.

Don’t rub the person or handle him or her roughly.

“Everyone needs to be careful,” the weather website states. “Some medicines, problems with circulation, and certain illnesses may reduce your ability to resist hypothermia.

“As you age, your body becomes less efficient at letting you know when you are too cold. In addition, older people tend not to shiver effectively, one of the ways the body warms itself up.”

To update your winter car survival kit, make sure it has:

Jumper cables: flares or reflective triangle are great extras;

Flashlights: Replace the batteries before the winter season starts and pack extras;

First aid kit: Also check your purse of bag for essential medications;

Baby, special needs gear: If you have a baby or family member with special needs, pack diapers and any special formula or food;

Food: Stock non-perishable food such as canned food and a can opener, dry cereal and protein rich foods like nuts and energy bars;

Water: Have at least 1 gallon of water per person a day for at least three days;

Basic toolkit: Pliers, wrench, screwdriver;

Pet supplies: Food and water;

Radio: Battery or hand cranked;

Cat litter or sand: For better tire traction;

Shovel: To dig out snow;

Ice scraper: Even if you usually park in a garage, have one in the car;

Clothes: Make sure you dress for the weather in warm clothes, gloves, hat, sturdy boots, jacket and an extra change of clothes for the cold;

Warmers: Pack extra for body, hand, feet;

Blankets or sleeping bags: If you get stranded in traffic on a lonely road, you’ll be glad to have it;

Charged cell phone: Keep a spare charger in your car as well.

Area residents might appreciate that temperatures aren’t forecast to be as frigid as they have in recent times.

“We don’t have the extreme minus 15 to minus 25 temperatures which have been around the region over the weekend in the past few days,” Miller said.

The National Weather Service has a host of cold weather safety tips at

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Board of Supervisors to receive information regarding road project

The Dodge County Board of Supervisors during its Wednesday morning meeting is prepared to receive a Joint Public Notice issued by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Omaha District and the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality regarding a proposed road project.

Information released by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers shows that the Nebraska Department of Transportation is proposing to expand approximately 9.6 miles of U.S. Highway 30 from a two-lane highway to a four-lane expressway.

The current proposed project, spanning from Rogers to North Bend, is the second phase of the entire US-30 project spanning from Schuyler to Fremont, which is proposed to be constructed in three separate phases. The project, released information says, would start along the existing US-30 alignment approximately 0.8 miles east of the Colfax County and Dodge County line.

The project would diverge from the existing US-30 alignment Dodge County Roads 3 and 4 and would curve to the northeast to provide a wider northern bypass around North Bend. It would then curve southeast between Dodge County Roads 9 and 10, and then from this point, the alignment would be located approximately 200 feet south of Dodge County Road S and would end near County Road 11, released information says.

The project would include the construction of 56 structures intended to convey flows through and under US-30 and manage drainage from the US-30 median, side roads, driveways and field entrances. Those interested can view a complete list of structures by viewing the Dodge County Board of Supervisors agenda online at

In other meeting news:

The Board will receive correspondence from Charter Communications regarding program changes and price adjustments.

The Board will receive official bonds and oath officials of newly formed Sanitary and Improvement District No. 8 for Michael Cosentino and William Cosentino, chairperson and clerk.

The Board will receive correspondence from Nebraska Loess Hills RC&D along with their 2017 annual report.

The Board will receive a copy of Order Regarding Pleadings, Case No. CI 17-470 filed in Dodge County District Court.

In addition, the Board of Supervisors may enter a closed session to discuss potential litigation involving Dodge County.