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Thursday, June 27th, 2019

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Farmer and son rescue baby eagle along Big Blue River

What started as a routine afternoon preparing a field for planting became a baby eagle rescue adventure for Gary Remmers and his son, Justi… Read more

Filibuster pushes private school scholarships bill off agenda in Nebraska Legislature

For the second year in a row, opponents of a bill creating a tax credit for Nebraskans who donate to a scholarship fund for private and par… Read more

Judge considering case over I-80 gas station owner's allegedly deceptive signs

When John McCollister pulled off Interstate 80 and up to a pump at the Fat Dogs gas station near North Platte he ended up driving away with… Read more

Senators opt to send more money to property tax credit, less to rainy day fund

The Legislature spent most of Wednesday debating and advancing the state’s $9.3 billion budget for 2019-21, and on property tax credits and… Read more

Lincoln's 2019 general election sets voter turnout record

The more than 61,000 votes cast in Tuesday’s general election set a new turnout record for a local election cycle, Lancaster County Electio… Read more