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Sunday, July 22nd, 2018

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After their dog died, this family is warning others about a hidden danger of pets playing in water

It wasn’t even a year ago that Jen Walsh spent the day at the lake with her family and 2-year-old Schnauzer, Hanz. It was a typical summer day — until it turned tragic. Hanz enjoyed his usual game of fetch: Walsh would throw a stick in the water and he would Read more

All Your Favorite ’90s Stars: Where Are They Now?

What is it about the ’90s that causes us to look back with such nostalgia? Is it the music? The cool toys? The hip fashion? For many of us, it’s the memories of watching our favorite stars on TV and on the big screen. It’s always fun looking back to Read more

If You Drive For Uber, You Could Be Getting A $220 Settlement Check

If you drive for Uber, there’s a chance you could see a check arriving in your mailbox very soon. It’s all thanks to the Federal Trade Commission, which settled a complaint against Uber for allegedly misleading prospective drivers with exaggerated earning claims and claims about financing through its Vehicle Solutions Program. According to the FTC’s Read more

Watch Amanda Seyfried Sing ‘Dancing Queen’ With A Twist On Jimmy Fallon

“Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2008 musical comedy “Mamma Mia!” just hit theaters nationwide on July 20. The first movie, which was based on a stage musical by the same name, stars Amanda Seyfried as Sophie, a young woman who secretly invites three men Read more


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Blockbuster Is Closing 2 Alaska Locations, Which Means Only 1 Store Remains

There was a time, back in the 1990s, when it seemed like there was a Blockbuster on every corner. Now, there’s technically just one location of the once-ubiquitous video rental chain left in the entire country. Two locations in Alaska  — one in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks  — have Read more

Adorable Toddler Plays Fetch With Dog Despite Backyard Fence

Kids playing with dogs makes for some great videos to be shared on social media, and this one is no exception. Erin Richter of Savage, Minnesota took out her phone to capture her friend’s son throwing a ball over her fence. Nothing noteworthy happens, until we see a dog’s head Read more

McDonald’s Is Giving Away Fries For The Rest Of The Year

Say hello to Fry Fridays. No that’s not the official name of the promotion, even if it would fit since McDonald’s will be giving away free fries every Friday for the rest of the year. But there is a catch, of course. You get the fries as long as you Read more