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Friday, December 14th, 2018

Breakout: Today's trending topics

Tiffany & Co. Is Selling Sterling Silver Legos That Cost $1,650 For 10 Bricks

Life imitates art, or so the saying goes. It’s a sentiment that Tiffany & Co. definitely took to heart when creating its Everyday Objects Collection. The collection features commonplace items such as balls of yarn, tin cans and more — all made from sterling silver. A recent addition to the Read more

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This Raspberry-Cream Cheese Crescent Danish Is Festively Shaped Like A Candy Cane

Candy canes are one of the most recognizable symbols of Christmas. With holiday baking season in full swing, there are tons of ways to incorporate the look and flavor of this iconic peppermint candy into your baked goods this year. For a festive Christmas morning, check out this raspberry-cream cheese Read more

10 Hair Color Trends We Loved From 2018

When it comes to hair color trends that made a splash this year, bold colors were the name of the game. From shades inspired by your favorite foods to hues that conjured up the supernatural, 2018 was all about head-turning hair colors that were anything but boring. Check out some Read more

6 Secrets For Making Your Christmas Cactus Flourish All Season Long

Whether you’re a Christmas cactus novice or you just want to ensure that your plant stays healthy and blooming as long as possible, these care tips should help you do just that! The Christmas cactus is known for producing bright pink flowers around Christmastime. It has cascading green leaves, and Read more

This Taco Bubble-up Bake Recipe Puts An Unexpected Twist On Taco Night

My family loves taco night at our house—and yes, we try to do it on Tuesday nights, because it’s so much fun to say! But while tacos are awesome, they can also become underwhelming after a while, especially if they’re on a regular menu rotation. So how about turning taco Read more

These Were The Most Popular Dog Names Of 2018

Is your dog named Max or Bella? If so, they are in good company. Dog-walking service Rover revealed the most popular dog names of 2018, and those two were at the top of the list, among other favorites like Charlie, Cooper, Lucy, Luna and Jack. In fact, these particular monikers Read more

This Is What Mars Sounds Like, According To NASA’s New Robot

If you believe Elon Musk, humans could be living on Mars as soon as 2028. Until that day arrives, however, we’ll have to make do with these cool sound recordings from NASA’s new Mars lander. As you might recall, the robot touched down on the red planet on Nov. 26, much Read more