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Hayley Lambley

‘Insidious: The Last Key” is one last piece at the end of a storyline that stretches across the entirety of the Insidious series. From 2010’s “Insidious”, to 2013’s ‘Chapter 2’ edition, and 2015’s ‘Chapter 3’, fans of the series are presented with a jumbled-up series of events that include a sort of astral plane or purgatory state and a family plagued with the presence of the paranormal.

Have you ever heard the phrase “quit while you’re ahead?”

A four-movie series isn’t much of a feat when each continuation is just a regurgitated version of the last. The atmosphere and gimmicks are all too familiar to anyone who’s seen any other movie in the series, which initially didn’t seem all that bad.

Fear stems from the unknown. It’s the anticipation of what’s coming next that keeps people on their toes and makes the jumpscares effective. Knowing this, it’s clear why “The Last Key” was ineffective.

There’s a formula to these Insidious movies. You hear the shrill, rising sound effects go from silent to booming. Cue jumpscare… either that or a building anticipation that just dies off. It’s to a point where I can’t distinguish one Insidious installation from another—they all have the same concepts, the same atmosphere. And the script didn’t help any. The dialogue was riddled with cliches and awkward humor—one of the most off-putting things there are when it comes to scary movies.

On a larger scale, the whole story feels irrelevant. This attempt at a complex plot is too murky to be effective. It doesn’t seem so complicated that it goes over your head, but rather just poorly written.

In this chapter, the well-known character of Dr. Elise Rainier, an expert who assists haunted families, faces these paranormal forces personally: in her own home.

Why’s this necessary? I can’t figure it out myself. I’d guess that Insidious producers are attempting to wring the last bits of money they can get out of the franchise before they scrap it.

Maybe this is dramatic but, to me, the absolute worst thing a horror movie could be is average. This is ultimately where the movie really sank for me. I was bored, to put it simply. I expect these kind of movies to be captivating, intense, and to frighteningly mix a feeling of realism with events that are anything but real; “The Last Key” failed at creating this juxtaposition.

Simply, this series is tried and dragged out longer than it ever should’ve been. The initial installation wasn’t so bad because it was the first of its kind, but from then on we have nothing but cookie-cutter copies of the original.

I’ll admit that some people might enjoy this film. It’s just like every other high-budget Hollywood horror flick, and apparently there’s a huge market for that. But if you want something you haven’t seen before, skip this movie at all costs. The entire film gave me a sense of déjà vu.

I rate this a 2 out of ten.

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Hayley Lambley is a junior at Fremont High School. She likes horror movies and her favorite movies are “An American Crime” and “Juno”. Readers can reach Hayley by email at


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