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April showers might bring more flowers—but they can also leave your garden unexpectedly swamped and your homegrown vegetables over-watered. This digital rain gauge makes monitoring rainfall easier than ever, and helps your lawn and garden thrive.

A High-Tech Rain Gauge

If a simple plastic funnel comes to mind when you think of rain gauges, this high-tech option from La Crosse Technology will change the way you garden. The indoor monitor lets you easily view a rainfall history graph, temperature, and rainfall alerts from inside your home, while the weather-resistant bucket self-empties using internal tilting cups. Once you set this rain gauge up, you’ll receive powerful insights about precipitation and weather patterns without lifting a finger.


Similar wireless rain gauges can run for over $100, but this gauge comes with all the bells and whistles for just over $30. You don’t have to break the bank to take control of your landscaping.


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In addition to preventing over-watering of vegetables and flowers, a rain gauge can help you seriously save on your water bill. If you spend hundreds of dollars a year watering your lawn, this gauge can prevent you from turning on the sprinkler system when precipitation is expected.


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