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Buying a big piece of artwork isn’t cheap, but a statement piece over your couch or bed can completely transform a room. If you’re on a budget but are a stick-figures-only level artist, you can still tap into your creativity to create a striking piece.

1) Fabric is your friend.

Want a mess-free way to create a statement piece? A cool graphic swath of fabric is your friend. Dig through cast off fabric swaths at a craft or fabric store for a serious steal. When you find a bold fabric that compliments your décor, you can stretch and pin it to a foam board then frame it for easy DIY statement art. Choose a board that’s slightly smaller than your fabric swath so you can stretch the excess around the edges for a clean line.

2) Embrace your inner Jackson Pollock.

Provided you don’t have art critics frequenting your home on a regular basis, you can create a convincing Jackson Pollock knock-off or minimalist Rothko-inspired piece with an affordable stretched canvas, a few brushes, and paint. This two-pack of stretched canvas is under $50 and gives you the chance to make a mistake.

3) Frame everyday objects.

Framing everyday objects adds a personal touch to your home and requires no artistic skill. Frame record covers in a gallery wall for a cohesive statement in your media room or dig out those old college sweatshirts and childhood camp t-shirts to stretch and frame for a trip down memory lane.

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