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If you tuned in to American Idol on Tuesday night and thought it was Wednesday -- relax -- you didn't miss the girls performances.

Contestant Crystal Bowersox had to be taken to the hospital for "undisclosed medical issues." Ryan Seacrest said under doctors orders she was not allowed to perform tonight, so the guys performed tonight instead.

For the most part, every guy improved on their performance from last week. (Although, that shouldn't have been too hard considering what they offered last week.)

For me, the top performers tonight were Lee Dewyze, Michael Lynche and Aaron Kelly.

Here's what I thought about the performances:

Michael Lynche (This Is A Man's World) -- I like this soulful R&B side of Big Mike. Crazy better than his performance last week. He should be around for a while.

John Park (Gravity) -- There was nothing special about this performance. There's no doubting he has a great voice, but I didn't like it. Wrong song choice again.

Casey James (I Don't Wanna Be) -- When you've got the original to think about and then several former contestants have sung this song too... that's a lot it can be compared with. And I'm sorry, but Bo Bice sang the heck out of this song in season four. It was just an OK performance. BTW, does anyone else think sometimes he sounds like a sheep when he sings? Sometimes that vibrato goes a little too far.

Alex Lambert (Everybody Knows) -- WOW!!! Probably the biggest turn around from last week. Great sound, good performance. But will somebody please get this boy a haircut!! The mullet is not in style nor should it have ever been!

Todrick Hall (What's Love Got to Do With it) -- Um ... as Simon would say ... I thought it was indulgent. I just didn't like it all. Very disappointing.

Jermaine Sellers (What's Going On) -- Very karaoke version of the original. Chorus was OK but ick!

Andrew Garcia (You Give Me Something) -- I totally disagreed with the judges. He sounded very current. Just a good performance.

Aaron Kelly (My Girl) -- Perfect song to make the tweens scream. He could be this year's David Archuleta, but with a much better voice. Awesome performance.

Tim Urban (Come On Get Higher) -- Better than last week, but so was everyone else. Not up to par.

Lee Dewyze (Lips of an Angel) -- Perfect song choice. The changes in the song were good. He sounds a lot like the lead singer of Hinder. I really liked it. He's definitely a front runner.

Going home on Thursday: Tim Urban and John Park.

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you must be kidding if you think that kelly guy has a better voice than david archuleta... he has nothing of the range, emotion, poise, take your pick, but the kool aid idol has been trying to force the media to drink in trying to compare/contrast these two needs to end. kelly is more a country justin beiber - nice to look at, no musical depth.
this is the most mediocre group of idol contestants i've seen in 7 full seasons of watching, bar none. these guys wish they were half as good as some of idol's worst contestants, and lord knows any comparisons, or pronouncements of any of them being ''better'' than someone of archuleta's caliber is laughable.
this was the week in 2008 when he sang a brilliant and still lauded version of ''imagine''. compare kelly, or anyone tonight to that performance and keep a straight face, or your nose from growing.

Idol Expert:

Bookends - that's what last night was about. A solid front and back. Solid, but not great.
First up, the front end of the bookends, Big Mike. Good job, nothing overwhelming, but definitely nothing that will put him in danger of being voted off. He was a bit 'theatric' and didn't get called out for it in the way that Adam was last year. Interesting.
Last up, the back end, bad boy gone good Lee. I liked it a lot, but he has left himself plenty of room for improvement. I think he's the dark horse that will only get better and better each week.
What's in between these two bookends? Judging by what I heard last night, a bunch of mediocre. Yeah, a few of them made improvements from the previous week, but they had no where to go but up.
Out of that bunch I think Andrew, Casey and Aaron will be safe. And then there's Tim and Alex who will pull in the little girl vote. That leaves John Todrick and Jermaine to battle it out for the bottom two. It's a toss up.
C'mon girls. Step it up tonight. I'm still waiting for that 'a-ha' moment.

Leeanna Ellis:
Taylor... by no means was I saying David Archuleta was bad. He has a good voice. And I agree "Imagine" was probably one of his best performance. I was just saying that Aaron Kelly was going to get the vote from the tween girls like Archuleta did. I didn't really care much for Archuleta. I am David Cook fan. And I just like Aaron's voice more than Archuleta.

I agree that the Bo Bice version was much, much better. And yeah..too much vibrato and kinda nasal.... Casey just doesn't have a great sound IMO.

ellen sucks, whoever came up with the idea she knows anything about music. If you listen , she just repeats what one or more judges say. She just puts it into her own words. I am having a real difficult time enjoying idol this season, and its not because of the singers!

Leeanna ELLIS:
The top 10 girls had a tough act to follow after the guys performed. Some of the girls delivered, some didn't and some still have something to prove.

My top three were Crystal Bowersox, Katelyn Epperly and Siobhan Magnus.

Here's what I thought about tonight's choices.

Crystal Bowersox (Long as I can See the Light) -- It was good to see her there to perform. One report I read said she is recovering from diabetes complications. That being said, she blew the roof off of that studio and made Simon eat his words. Incredible vocals on a powerful performance. I really liked it.

Haeley Vaughn (The Climb) -- I really liked her early on... but now it's apparent she just needs more time to grow. They should have let her go to audition next year. Pitch problems, pitch problems, pitch problems. Plus, it's tough to go up against Miley Cyrus.

Lacey Brown (Kiss Me) -- This song is definitely her vibe... perfect for her. Hopefully she can find more songs like it.

Katie Stevens (Put Your Records On) -- How young do the judges want her to go? There aren't that many choices for her under 20 ... and please not Taylor Swift ... although maybe she could improve some of her songs. (Sorry Taylor Swift fans.) Nice mix between the low and high registers. Great voice.

Didi Benami (Lean On Me) -- She changed the song a bit, but very karaoke. I thought the judges were a little too harsh on her critique.

Michelle Delamor (With Arms Wide Open) -- It was different -- a risk -- but it seemed like the key was too high. It was OK for me.

Lilly Scott (A Change Is Gonna Come) -- Her voice is so unique she could probably sing the phone book and make it sound interesting. Great performance.

Katelyn Epperly (The Scientist) -- AMAZING! She had a moment. She connected with the song. I didn't think it was that slow. Great performance. Her best so far.

Paige Miles (Walk Away) -- I liked it, but it was just OK. I like Kelly Clarkson's version better.

Siobahn Magnus (Think) -- WOW!! When she started I thought it was going to be karaoke like, but was I wrong. That note she hit was incredible. One of the best of the night!

Going home on Thursday: Haeley Vaughn and Didi Benami.

Idol Expert:
Finally I have some hope that this season of AI won't be a total bust. Some of these girls can sing and evoke an emotion.
Top three by far - Crystal, Lilly and Siobhan. But I found someone last night for the first time and her name is Paige. She has a great voice but oh so wrong song choices.
I was so afraid that Crystal was going to be disqualifed due to her inability to perform last night (or so said the rumors on the web yesterday). She's incredible. She doesn't put on the pretty clothes and do up the hair and make-up. She's real, unpretentious and God-gifted talented.
Siobhan just blew the roof off even without that 'note'. Again, she's authentic and doesn't play to that pretty girl thing.
Lilly - dear, quiet little Lilly. She just stands there and delivers a great song. Truly talented and quirky at the same time.
All Paige needs is that one great song that shows her voice and connects. She has it in her.
Middle ground - Katie and Katelyn. Their voices are O.K. but I can't help but think of Kat McPhee. Pretty girls/big voices. Nothing new.
What's left of the rest - Hailey is too young and should not have been put through; she needs aging. Lacey is just boring. Didi sounds like she's forcing it. Michelle is confusing to me.
Based on last night I would send Hailey and Lacey home. I think they showed the least improvement from the previous week.

Leeanna Ellis:
Before I talk about those ousted I just have to say: Enough with the group performances on kick off day. Its lip synced and bad TV. Even the contestants look like they're embarrassed to be lip syncing.
I got two of the four right.
Going home: John Park, Jermaine Sellers, Michelle Delamor and Haeley Vaughn.
Let's hope next week gets even better!!

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