Tuesday night the Fremont City Council meeting, attendance and activity commenced under an atmosphere more composed, calm and sparsely populated than previous meetings where undertones rankled with talk of chickens, contracts, economic impacts and all other matters related to Costco Wholesale and Lincoln Premium Poultry’s proposed poultry processing plant.

The subject of Costco arose only once during the meeting. During the Mayors Comments portion of the meeting. Mayor Scott Getzschman reminded council and the community members that, beginning next week, special meetings on Monday June 20 and Tuesday June 21 will be held at Christensen Field in Fremont. The meetings will offer a chance for open public discussion regarding the proposed Costco poultry operation. The following week on June 27 and 28 two more meetings are scheduled to address the same topics. Representatives from Costco Wholesale will be present to respond to questions.

When the official meeting convened, council members revisited the discussion of storm water drainage, a discussion that began earlier this spring after City Engineer Justin Zetterman received several complaints from Fremont residents. The complaints were in response to pooling water that occurred in areas of Fremont due to excess rain combined with the particulars of subdivision property development, such as uneven grading along adjoining property lots. More specifically, some of the water pooling resulted from the lack of an adequately defined storm water management ordinance for the areas of the city. Heavy rains earlier in May resulted in severe saturation of development sites along Luther Road.

On May 17, Fremont City staff met with local developers, contractors, engineers and surveyors to discuss an ordinance change to work towards some solutions.

“As a group we discussed where the city was coming from; and developers and builders gave us their comments,” said Fremont City Engineer Justin Zetterman.

Since then the city and the development community have examined and developed some various options and cost estimates that may help lead to solutions. Options include installation of plastic storm sewer systems along the backs of lots at a projected cost of $300 to $500 per lot. Additional grading may also be implemented to make sure the grade of the slopes remains adequate for the drainage system.

Zetterman said, the city is not looking to create an ordinance that regulates with absolution the way developers must perform their jobs. He said the ordinance will serve more as a way to provide developers with the tools and resources to prevent future problems

The proposed change provides better clarity of the options available to prevent water ponding and to meet the necessary goal of lot drainage.

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Two more readings of the ordinance will be held.


-The council received and filed the certified results of the May 10, 2016 primary election. Those results detail the tabulation of votes each candidate received and can be viewed at www.fremontne.gov , click on “Agenda & Minutes” on the left side of the page and go to the “June 14, 2016 City Council agenda.” Scroll to item number seven and click on “staff report.”

-A bike and pedestrian trail is currently under design for the City of Fremont called the Rawhide Creek Trail Project consists two trail segments. The city approved a supplemental agreement consisting of the contract for the preliminary engineering for the project. The contract, with HGM Associates, comes to $133,864.49. Total project costs are projected to $171,134.51.

- City Council awarded a contract for the Ridge Road Trail and Hormel Loop project to J&R Concrete and Construction, LLC. The project consists of an 8 foot wide trail from the entrance to the state park, just south of West Military Avenue to Hormel Park. J&R Concrete and Construction provided the low bid at $612,064.15 for the project. The project will be partially funded by the Nebraska Games and Parks Commission for an amount no greater than $271,514.00.


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