Can-n-Ball Classic

The annual Can-N-Ball Classic event returns to Downtown Fremont this year.

MainStreet of Fremont is set to hold its annual Can-N-Ball Classic, an event that encourages Fremonters to explore some of the downtown area’s watering holes — while playing a little mini-golf along the way.

This year’s event will feature six different locations in the downtown Fremont area: Doe’s Place, the LA Fire Proof Door, Corner Bar, the Eagles Club, Whis’s End Zone and the Wine Experience.

Those who sign up to participate in the event will get the opportunity to play putt putt golf as they go bar hopping between each of the locations.

This year will feature a new spin: several of the locations will incorporate “Beer Olympics” activities in addition to the putt putt golf.

Teams of four can register for $100 at www.mainstreetfremont.org. Costumes are encouraged.

The proceeds go back to MainStreet of Fremont to help provide opportunities for project improvement plans in the downtown area, said MainStreet of Fremont’s Executive Director Courtney Schaefer.

The organization’s mission is to promote and improve Fremont’s downtown area. Schaefer said that events like this both promote bars in the area and create more foot traffic, which leads to more visibility for other businesses.

“These events, what they do, is they’re going to bring some presence to the community; not only to our lounges where you can go to at night and have a couple drinks, but it also brings visible presence to the businesses around them in the downtown area,” Schaefer said.

The event will take place on April 13, from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Schaefer just took over as executive director of MainStreet of Fremont last month, and she says she’s most excited to see how Fremonters use the event to show off their creativity.

“I’m excited to see how well our citizens of Fremont interact with everybody downtown,” she said. “And what they do with their teams and their team names — their creativity behind the event.”


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