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The Cedar Bluffs Board of Trustees voted in early October to connect the village to Fremont’s water system.

The board heard from representatives from the United States Department of Agriculture, the Fremont Utilities Department and its street engineering firm, Olsson during its meeting on Oct. 8.

The board decided from five different options, which included getting water from different communities or putting a chemical treatment into its water.

Prior to the vote, the board held a public hearing on the matter and visited two water treatment plants to decide which option to pursue.

According to the meeting’s minutes, the village will send the decision to Olsson to start the beginning phase of the project and meet with people from the City of Fremont.

Keith Kontor, superintendent of the Fremont Wastewater Treatment Plant, said the City of Fremont is more than willing to provide water and assist the village in the next steps.

“They’re doing some research on funding, working with some different state and federal organizations on funding,” he said. “And then we’re waiting to see how that comes out and we’ll do an interlocal agreement with Cedar Bluffs and then go into the engineering phase of it.”

Fremont uses about 4.5 to 5 million gallons of water per day, Kontor said. Adding Cedar Bluffs to the city’s water system would add another 60,000 to 75,000.

“So it’s a pretty minuscule amount of water that we would be providing,” he said. “There’s also some housing developments along the design trail for the water that we could possibly pick up, so we have that opportunity as well.”

Kontor said he estimates that the project will take about two years once the engineering design has been finished and contractors have been bid out.

“We’re just in the development stages,” he said, “so there’s a lot of decisions to be made yet.”

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