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Eric Scott

A state prisoner, Eric Scott, overpowered a deputy during a transport to Dodge County and fled in a stolen government car west of Ithaca in Saunders County, according to scanner traffic.

A man who’s currently serving a roughly 100-year sentence after escaping from Dodge County deputies last year was sentenced on Tuesday to another 70 to 72 months after pleading to child abuse charges.

Eric G. Scott, 39, was sentenced to 98 to 113 years in prison in November, after pleading to a spate of charges related to a September 2017 incident, when he escaped from the Dodge County Sheriff Department’s custody while being transported from Lincoln to Fremont.

In Dodge County District Court on Tuesday, Scott pleaded no contest to two class IIIA felonies of child abuse, as part of a plea agreement with the Dodge County Attorney’s office. Those charges stemmed from an incident that Scott was scheduled to address in court at the time of his escape.

He was sentenced to 35 to 36 months on each of the charges, with District Court Judge John Samson running the sentences consecutively to each other, and consecutive to his sentences in the other cases.

Even if he were to receive all possible Good Time, with the latest sentence, Scott would be in prison until he’s 90, said Dodge County Attorney Oliver Glass.

At the time of his arrest and escape, Scott was facing five charges related to the sexual assault of a child, including two class IB felonies for first-degree sexual assault of a child, which could yield life sentences, and an additional class IC felony, which has a maximum sentence of 50 years.

Glass said that the child victim and her mother were both comfortable with the plea agreement, which had Scott plead to two class IIIA felonies, which carry maximum sentences of three years in prison.

They saw it as an opportunity to tack on additional time to a sentence that may have already lasted Scott’s entire lifetime, “and it wouldn’t have to put this young girl through a trial,” Glass said. Scott was already on the sex offender registry from a previous crime, he noted.

“It was a lot of meetings, a long process, but that’s what they were comfortable with and that was something that we knew that the defense would probably more than likely accept and they did,” Glass said.

The victim was not interested in waiting for a pre-sentence investigation report, Glass said, so sentencing was pronounced on the same day as Scott’s pleas. By following through with a plea agreement, she wouldn’t have to relive her experience in trial, Glass said.

“That’s the way a lot of kids and adults feel in these types of cases — they don’t want to relive it, they’re moving on with their lives,” he said. “I’m very happy, and the victim is very happy to know that he’s in a place where he can no longer hurt or harm children or anybody else for that matter.”

While being transported to the Dodge County Courthouse in Fremont from Lincoln, where he was serving a prison sentence on another crime, Scott managed to break free from his leg chain. He choked the Dodge County Deputy who was operating the vehicle and ordered him to pull over, police records say.

Scott ordered the deputy to leave the vehicle, handcuffed him, and left him on a gravel road in rural Saunders County. He stole the deputy’s vehicle, along with his handgun, and fled the scene. He was ultimately arrested in Iowa.


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