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William R. Prochaska


A Fremont man was arrested early Wednesday morning for allegedly robbing a convenience store at gunpoint.

At 12:34 a.m., Fremont Police responded to Casey’s General Store, 401 W. 23rd St., in regard to a male individual committing a robbery while wearing a mask and having a weapon drawn — the weapon was eventually determined to be an airsoft gun.

During the incident, released information says a customer was threatened prior to the suspect fleeing on foot with cash.

An investigation conducted by the Fremont Patrol Division and Det. Aaron Howe led to the location of a suspect who was subsequently arrested and booked at Dodge County Jail.

William R. Prochaska, 20, was arrested and charged with Robbery, a Class ll felony; false imprisonment, a Class lllA felony; making terroristic threats, a Class lllA felony; and using a weapon to commit a felony; a Class ll felony.

During a Wednesday morning interview, Howe said that several 911 calls from customers within the convenience store quickly alerted police to the situation and that all available units responded.

“Whenever we have an armed robbery it’s put out over the radio and all available officers make their way over to the scene,” he said. “And when that happens officers are trained to not just race over to the scene, but keep their eyes open to what is going on around them, especially people leaving that area.”

One officer on patrol noticed Prochaska leaving the area and made contact with him before arresting him. Following detainment, Howe was brought in to interrogate the suspect.

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“Once we have an individual detained that is usually when I get called in,” Howe said. “This is when we can really slow down the pace and look at all the evidence; which is the video surveillance, witness testimony and all the other information that can confirm that this is our suspect.”

Howe said that officers generally respond to three or four armed robbery situations each year. The last Howe dealt with was in February when a business located along Fourth and D Street was held up.

The detective was quick to point out that excellent police work led to the armed robbery being solved in a timely manner.

“They (patrol officers) are the ones who jumped on this in such a hurry,” Howe said. “If it wasn’t for them, and especially Officer (Jesse) Headid, we wouldn’t have solved this as quickly as we did. That crew did exactly what they needed to do to turn out a successful result.”



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